Ossama Ghazy is an Egyptian national and joined Al Tamimi & Company in May 2010.  He received his degree from Tanta University in Cairo in 1993 then joined an Egyptian law firm and practiced law in Egypt from 1993 until 2000.

Ossama has worked in the UAE, including Dubai, until 2006, at which time he moved to Kuwait. In Kuwait, Ossama had worked as legal consultant at a local law firm until joining Al Tamimi & Company. He has many years of legal consultation experience in the areas of banking, finance and commercial law. He has also litigated many high profile cases, including commercial, civil, insurance, tax and tender cases.

Additionally, Ossama has handled issues in trading share on the Kuwait Stock Exchange and intellectual property issues in Kuwait and Egypt.

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Recent Experience

  • Represented our client Qatar National Bank in different cases, one had a monetary claim of Qatari Riyal 576,000,000 (USD 158,189,607) in a dispute regarding investment agency contract where the judgment was in our favor and the opponent was obliged to pay the claim.
  • Represented General Motors in the case filed against them by one of the their clients claiming that the car was defected, and the judgment was in our favor where the judge dismissed the case.
  • Represented Credit Swiss Bank where one of the bank clients filed  a case against the bank and requested a monetary claim of USD 2,100,000.00 (Two million and hundred thousand American dollars) as a result of an investment contract with the bank, and the case ended in our favor where the judge dismissed the case.
  • Represented MBC channel in a case filed against it by a very well known persona in Kuwait claiming a compensation of KWD 300,000 (One million USD), where the judgment was in our favor and the case was dismissed.
  • Representing Aeroflot Russian Airlines where Mack Travel agency filed a case against them claiming a compensation for Damages arising from the termination of the contract of the exclusive agency


  • Arabic


1993 – LLB International Law, Tanta University


1993 – Egyptian Bar

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