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Pathways into the DIFC – Establishing Non-Regulated Entities


On Wednesday 13 May 2015, Al Tamimi & Company along with partners from Sanne Group and EY chaired a fascinating seminar titled “Pathways into the DIFC – Establishing Non-Regulated Entities”. Hosted by the DIFC and comprised of two panels, the event examined the various types of non-regulated vehicles available to those who are able to operate without the license of the DFSA – mainly entities other than financial service providers. The first panel, chaired by Stijn Janssen of EY, closely compared the different types of vehicles, with Al Tamimi’s Gary Watts answering in-depth questions on the mechanics of corporate setup from the sizeable audience, while Maya Marissa Malek from Amanie Advisors provided the Islamic Finance angle. The second panel, chaired by Al Tamimi Partner Izabella Szadkowska with the input of EY and Sanne Group representatives, focused on the benefits of using DIFC structures from a tax and audit standpoint as well other structural advantages. Special guest Ben Sautelle-Smith, Director at Fajr Capital, highlighted his practical experience in using DIFC structures to run a successful business.

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