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BCDR-AAA New Draft Arbitration Rules


On the occasion of the 2016 International Bar Association Annual Conference in Washington, DC, the Bahrain Chamber for Dispute Resolution (BCDR-AAA) held a breakfast meeting and panel discussion on the BCDR-AAA and its new Draft Arbitration Rules.

Sheikha Haya Al Khalifa, Chair of the Board, and William K. Slate II, a member of the Board and the Chairman and CEO of Dispute Resolution Data LLC, co-chaired the discussion.

The three Committee members made presentations during the meeting. Professor Ziadé provided a general description of the BCDR-AAA and its main activities. He discussed the legal environment in which the BCDR-AAA operates, including the framework provided by the 2015 Bahrain legislation on arbitration, which applies the UNCITRAL Model Law on International Commercial Arbitration to both domestic and international disputes.

Essam Al Tamimi, Founder and Senior Partner Al Tamimi & Company also attended the breakfast meeting and shared his thoughts on the Draft Arbitration Rules. Essam emphasised the BCDRAAA’s strong role in providing training and spreading awareness through its international events on arbitration and its first-rate legal periodical.

The event was very informative and allowed the delegates to discuss and get an understanding of the new draft rules released by the BCDR-AAA.