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Whilst the implementation of this decision is yet to be cleared, the decision will mainly limit the sales in residential areas and markets that are close to schools.

The written decision has not been publicly circulated yet but the officials and some local releases confirmed that decision will impact grocery stores in certain districts. It was implied that cigarettes can continue to be sold as usual in the Emirate at the shopping malls, mini-markets at petrol stations, big stores, hypermarkets, shops at commercial zones, industrial districts and grocery stores, as long as they  are not located near schools or certain residential areas.No announcements have been made about how inspections and market compliance will be carried out. It is anticipated that the Sharjah Economic Department will also be involved to ensure compliance at the points of sales. 

It is expected that officials at Sharjah Council passed this decision to adhere with World Health Organization and national policies in the UAE adopted for anti-tobacco and mainly to ensure that cigarettes are not made available for sale to children and unaccompanied minors.