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Working with Al Tamimi & Company’s Intellectual Property Enforcement team the client, a well known French fashion brand, conducted investigations in Dubai and identified targets dealing in counterfeit high end
fashion items.

Al Tamimi & Company provided a product briefing to DED inspectors in order to assist it in the identification of counterfeit products and the DED inspectors were able to inspect six retailers seizing more than 550 pairs of counterfeit shoes. In addition to seizing counterfeit goods, the DED also issued fines of AED15,000 (USD4,100) to the offending retailers.

The Al Tamimi & Company Intellectual Property Enforcement team is continuing to work with the DED and law enforcement agencies in Dubai to enforce the valuable intellectual property rights of this client and to support it in a systematic drive against the infringement of its intellectual property rights. The support provided by the Al Tamimi & Company team includes advising on the extension of the protection of intellectual property rights in order to enhance the client’s ability to protect its well known brand. The Al Tamimi & Company Intellectual Property and Anti-counterfeiting team that worked on this action consisted of Waldo Steyn, Ahmed Zaza and Bassam AlAzzeh.