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This action was taken on behalf of several well known media clients including Carton Network. The Intellectual property rights involved included some of the most well known animated television / movie / cartoon characters
namely Tom & Jerry, BATMAN and BEN 10.

With more than eight inspectors and senior officials of the DED and support by members of the Al Tamimi & Company Intellectual Property Enforcement team the DED officials were able to simultaneously inspect and seize infringing goods bearing unauthorised reproductions of the well know characters from more than 36 different retailers in the shopping complex. An estimated 9000 infringing items including games, T-shirts, toys,
watches, bags and CDs were confiscated. The DED imposed fines that ranged from AED 5,000 to AED15,000, i.e. USD 1,365 to USD 4,100 against the infringers. The Al Tamimi & Company Intellectual Property Enforcement team has been instrumental in supporting media clients in a systematic drive against the infringement of their valuable rights. The grounds of the administrative complaints included both the infringement of trademarks and copyrights. The actions taken by the DED officials are very important as it sends a clear message to both infringers and rights holders that the DED is very serious about the enforcement of intellectual property rights in Dubai.

The actions taken by the DED represent a significant commercial tool for intellectual property owners as it notably assisted to spread the word amongst retailers of anti-counterfeiting activities that Al Tamimi & Company is undertaking on behalf of the intellectual property rights holders. As a result of actions of this nature, a substantial decrease in trade in unauthorized goods bearing the BEN 10, BATMAN and Tom & Jerry trade marks and copyrights has been noted in the market. Al Tamimi & Company’s Intellectual Property team is continuing to work with our clients to continue the enforcement of their valuable intellectual property rights.

The Al Tamimi & Company Intellectual Property Enforcement and Anti-counterfeiting team that worked on the action consisted of Munir Suboh and Ahmed Zaza.