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Al Tamimi’s Intellectual Property workshop with the DED of Al Ain


Al Tamimi’s Intellectual Property practice has been widely recognised for its unrelenting efforts to lead the development and implementation of IP laws and enforcement strategies across the region. In light of the World Intellectual Property Day 2014, Al Tamimi was delighted to accept an invitation by the Department of Economic Development (DED) in Al Ain to host a seminar and workshop on Intellectual Property Laws and Practices. The event was attended by the DED’s Director of Commercial Licenses Department, the Director of Al Ain Customs and over fifty inspectors and high level officials from the Commercial Protection Department of the DED and the Customs Administration of Al Ain.

The event sought to strengthen cooperation and further encourage the ongoing collaboration between Al Tamimi’s practice and the relevant authorities overseeing borders and business establishments. The high turnout at the event furthered the overarching purpose of developing Intellectual Property protection in the growing market of Al Ain and highlighted its significance as one of the busiest borders in the UAE. The open discussion encouraged during the workshop addressed ad-hoc concerns of Al Tamimi’s clients and lead to yet another drive for further collaboration to curb counterfeiting activities relating to the growing market in Al Ain.