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Al Tamimi & Company Hosts the IP Awareness Session for Dubai Customs Inspectors


In the month of September, the IP Department in conjunction with the Dubai Customs Authority arranged workshops and training on brand awareness for law enforcement officials. The training was provided for different levels of inspectors at Al-Khoor Entrance, i.e. Creek Port, to support them to deduct and seize counterfeit products that may enter through the port.

As the Creek Port is considered viable for imports and exports of small shipments, it was a priority for many brands owners to educate law enforcement inspectors on their trademarks and scope of protection they secured in the UAE. The training was primarily designed to enable the Dubai customs officials to identify counterfeit products and share with them ways of smuggling fast moving products, including clothing, footwear, electronic and tobacco related products.

The training was held at Creek Port premises and the trainings have been recognised as an essential initiative to support brands awareness efforts with the law enforcement officials. It is also an important tool to build a foundation and continue the dialogue between brand owners and border authorities.