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Our philosophy has always been to showcase our capabilities through willingly sharing our knowledge and vast and varied expertise.


Al Tamimi & Company have launched a series of books dedicated to covering all aspects relating to setting up and doing business in the Middle East.

Setting Up in Qatar Financial Centre
Doing Business in Dubai Doing Business in Saudi Arabia  Business in Dubai         
Doing Business in 
Dubai - Emirates Airline
Doing Business
in Saudi Arabia
Business in Dubai
German edition
           Doing Business in Dubai - Mandarin   Doing Business in Dubai - Korean
Doing Business in Jordan
Doing Business in Dubai
Doing Business  in Dubai
Setting Up in the DIFC  Doing Business in Oman Doing Business in Ras Al Khaimah           
 Setting Up in the DIFC    
Doing Business in Oman
Doing Business in
Ras Al Khaimah