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  • Who has the power to bind a public joint stock company to arbitration?

    by Mohammed Al Marzouqi & Marwa El Mahdy -  /

    UAE law requires certain formalities for an arbitration agreement to be valid.

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  • ‘New’ Telco Consumer Protection Regulations

    by Anita Siassios & Sana Saleem -  /

    On 30 January 2014, the UAE Telecommunications Regulatory Authority (“TRA”) introduced ‘new’ Consumer Protection Regulations (“Regulations”).

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  • Abu Dhabi Court confirms how mortgages are to be enforced

    by Ayen Biar - 

    On 26 January 2014 the Abu Dhabi Court of Cassation issued a judgment confirming that a mortgage can be enforced immediately through the Execution Court, without the need for the bank to first obtain...

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  • Hotel Management Agreement Disputes in the UAE. What are the Options?

    by Robert Karrar-Lewsley - 

    The relationship between the hotel Owner and the hotel Operator is usually a happy one. Both parties have an interest in working together to ensure the hotel succeeds and is profitable.

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  • Part II Professional Player Contracts: The Framework for Player Contracts

    by John Stamper - 

    In a previous edition (Law Update issue 269, May 2014), we considered the Framework of Player contracts from the perspective of the duties owed by a player/athlete to the employer.

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  • Project delivery documentation for major sporting events

    by Alan Hall - 

    Legal documentation for projects relating to major sporting events such as the World Cup and Olympic Games...

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  • Ship-Shape in bahrain

    by Saad Al Doseri - 

    Following recent amendments to Bahrain’s Maritime Law, Saad Al Doseri, Associate at the Bahrain office of Al Tamimi & Company examines the changes and their potential impact.

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  • Shipping Arbitration in London and Enforcement in Dubai

    by Saif Al Mobideen - 

    Many international shipping disputes are resolved by arbitration in London with the assistance of the London Maritime Association.

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  • Marine Services in Iraq

    by Ghalib Mohammed - 

    Marine services have become a very active and vital area in Iraq, and draw fundamental infrastructure for the entire country.

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  • New Amendments to the Jordan Bar Association Law

    by Ala Hadidi - 

    The relationship between clients and lawyers can take one of many forms.

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  • Competition in Kuwait

    by Abdullah Masud - 

    “Non-compete” clauses or “Covenants Not to Compete” (“CNC”) are a contractual term wherein one party is prohibited from entering into a similar trade or profession against the other party for a...

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  • Enforcement of Foreign Arbitration Awards in the Middle East

    by Essam Al Tamimi - 
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  • Proposed Changes in the Capital and Liquidity Requirements for Banks in UAE

    by Gaurav Jain & Sakshi Puri -  /

    The UAE Central Bank has recently released the Financial Stability Report, 2013 (the “Report”).

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  • Dubai Land Department organises awareness session on Mandatory Property Contracts

    by Aruna Mukherji - 

    This article is an update to our previous article regarding the introduction of the Dubai Land Department’s (“DLD”) Mandatory Property Contracts (“Dubai Land Department introduces Mandatory Property...

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  • Regulation of residential property use in Abu Dhabi

    by David Bowman - 

    There has been a recent clarification on the laws concerning the use and occupation of residential premises in the Emirate of Abu Dhabi and the use of premises which have been licensed for...

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  • Al Tamimi wins its own domain name hijack case

    by Stephen Jiew  - 

    Al Tamimi & Co. recently won a domain name dispute before WIPO against a scam artist that registered the domain name ‘’ and used it to mislead people into believing they were...

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  • UAE starts stage two of patent protection initiative with South Korea

    by Ahmad Saleh & Sharaf Al Hijazin -  /

    The UAE has been at the forefront of regional jurisdictions seeking to strengthen their intellectual property framework and enhance their legal protections so as to become the region’s leading hub...

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