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  • Abu Dhabi Court of Cassation Re-affirms Precedence of New York Convention

    by Hassan Arab - 

    The enforcement of foreign arbitral awards in the UAE has, since 2006, been governed by the New York Convention on the Recognition and Enforcement of Foreign Arbitral Awards 1958.

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  • Finance Companies Law in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

    by Hesham Al Homoud - 

    It is almost two years since the introduction of the laws in relation to finance companies.

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  • The limitation period for labour claims under UAE law – when does it start?

    by Eman Ahmad & Marwa El Mahdy -  /

    In Labour Action No. 105 of 2007 an Employee filed a claim against his employer (the Company) before the Dubai Court of First Instance seeking AED 339,086 in unpaid commission.

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  • Maritime liens under UAE Maritime Code

    by Siri Hashem - 

    Many ship-owners, especially those who come from common law backgrounds, often have concerns about whether non-common law jurisdictions apply maritime liens with respect to certain maritime debts.

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  • Liquidated Damages in the DIFC Courts

    by Tarek Shrayh - 

    Liquidated damages clauses are a well-established concept in a number of different legal systems and business sectors.

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  • Government projects in Qatar

    by Rafiq Jaffer - 

    Assignment of receivables and invoice discounting

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  • A Lawyer’s road map for success

    by Essam Al Tamimi - 

    Essential qualities a lawyer needs to develop to achieve continuing success in their career.

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  • New large exposure regulations in the UAE

    by Peng Shi (Alex) & Mark Brown -  /

    Lending standards and concentrated exposures, in particular to Government Related Entities (“GREs”) were put in the spotlight globally during the global financial crisis.

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  • Achieving sustainable development objectives in international investment

    by John Gaffney - 

    Could future International Investment agreements impose sustainable development-related obligations on investors?

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  • Disciplinary Action and Arbitrary Dismissal in the UAE

    by Luke Tapp & Mandeep Kasi -  /

    Many businesses in this region regard a potential disciplinary process as a minefield full of possible (or probable for some employers!) hazards and pitfalls.

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  • Patent Protection in the UAE

    by Ahmad Saleh - 

    Overview, Recent Developments and Rising Sectors

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  • A modern coalition against a non-partisan threat

    by Andrea Tithcott & Sharaf Hijazin -  /

    Consumer protection laws and Intellectual Property rights in the UAE

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  • NAZAHA: The Saudi national anti-corruption commission

    by Khalid Al Hamrani & Omar Khattab -  /

    The Saudi National Anti-Corruption Commission is a governmental authority entrusted with protecting integrity and combating corruption in the Saudi Kingdom.

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  • Off-Plan in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

    by Daniel Goodwin - 

    Confidence builds

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  • Dubai’s New Hotel Industry Initiatives

    by Aruna Mukherji - 

    Dubai’s hospitality and tourism industry continues to recover at a healthy pace.

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  • Another sporting scandal...

    by Raj Pahuja - 

    How to protect a sponsor from a tarnished athlete

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  • UAE government sector technology contracting

    by Nick O' Connell & Sana Saleem -  /

    Contracting with government sector entities in the UAE, and elsewhere in the Middle East, is often subject to compliance with government sector procurement rules. Government procurement rules in this...

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  • A moment with: Ahmad Saleh

    Regional Manager of Patents & Designs

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  • How can Qatari families institutionalise their businesses?

    by Gary Watts & Mohamed Khodeir -  /

    The legal steps

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  • Investment Law in the Kurdistan region of Iraq

    by Haydar Jawad - 

    A number of encouraging facts such as the young population, stable security situation, plentiful natural resources, investment opportunities...

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