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  • Kuwait named on US Government watch list for copyright piracy

    by Tarek Abu Mariam - 

    The U.S. Trade Representative (USTR) produced its annual Special 301 Report in April 2014.

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  • Credit information and data protection in the UAE

    by Nick O’Connell & Sana Saleem -  /

    Recent media reports in the UAE have indicated that Al Etihad Credit Bureau, the UAE’s new Federal consumer credit bureau, is significantly closer to being operational.

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  • Administrative Actions to Enforce Trademark Rights in Saudi Arabia

    by Mohammed Ali  - 

    This article discusses the merits of enforcement of trademark rights in Saudi Arabia through Administrative Actions.

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  • Anti-Counterfeiting Action – Smart Phones infringement

    by Ahmad Zaza - 

    For many businesses, it is vitally important for brand owners to protect their intellectual property rights.

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  • Arbitrators Dealing with Real Estate Property Disputes – Is it a matter of Public Policy?

    by Essam Al Tamimi - 

    A detailed analysis showing the arguments against setting aside arbitral awards in the UAE based on Public Policy

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  • The valuation of actions for the purposes of ascertaining the Court of Cassation’s Jurisdiction

    by Maher Al Nashar & Muhammad Mahmood -  /

    The Dubai Court of Cassation’s jurisdiction to consider appeals is restricted to cases in which the value in the action exceeds AED 200,000 or is for an unspecified sum.

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  • Families in Business - External risks and fault lines within

    by Gary Watts -  /
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  • Jordanian Court of Appeal Judgment on Avoiding Bankruptcy

    by Samer Al Zuriekat  - 

    Article 295 of the Jordanian Commerce Law 1966 allows a merchant on the verge of bankruptcy to avoid bankruptcy and gain protection from creditors executing judgments against the merchant by...

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  • Unpaid bunkers - the Dilemma for Shipowners and Bunker Traders

    by Zeina Wakim - 

    Bunker fuel is the fuel oil used mainly in powering ships. It gets its name from the containers on board ships and in ports that it is stored in, which are called bunkers. Bunker fuel constitutes a...

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  • Protection of Outward UAE Foreign Investments under International Law

    by John Gaffney & Zane Anani -  /
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  • The legal Nature of Vocational Training Contracts under UAE law

    by Rihab Al Amin - 
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  • Which Law Applies to a Non-Muslim Expatriate’s Will in the UAE?

    by Ahmed Abdelkhalek & Hussain Al Matrood -  /

    Wills and other matters relating to personal affairs, such as custody and divorce, are generally governed in the UAE by Federal Law 28 of 2005, known as the Law of Personal Status, which is based on...

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  • Qatar Amends Laws Regulating The Labour Law No.14 of 2004

    by Ahmed El Amoury - 

    The employment relationship in Qatar is principally governed by the provisions of Law No. (14) of 2004 Regulating employment (the “Labour Law”).

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  • Ambush marketing and the FIFA 2022 world cup

    by Steve Bainbridge - 

    HIGH STAKES CAT ‘N MOUSE - Competition can be just as aggressive and determined off the field as it is on it

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  • Registration of Leases in Dubai

    by Ravi Gill - 
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  • Health and Safety at Sports and Major Events

    by Andrea Tithcott  - 
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  • Corporate Authority in Qatar: To bind or not to bind

    by Frank Lucente & Sabrina Oumellal  -  /

    How does one know when a company enters into an agreement with another party whether or not that agreement is binding on the company?

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