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July - August

  • Advertising a Trademark online in the UAE is sufficient to prove prior use

    by Rami Abdellatif & Suzanne Abdallah -  /
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  • Intellectual Property Valuation: A Must in Commercial Transactions

    by Ahmad Saleh & Sadaf Nakhaei -  /

    The rapid economic growth of the GCC is leading to a substantial increase in the number of commercial transactions taking place.

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  • Contracting Out of the Court’s Jurisdiction in the UAE

    by Hassan Arab & Suzanne Abdallah -  /

    The UAE consists of seven Emirates. Each Emirate has its own courts, but they can be divided into those Emirates which have their own court systems...

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  • Domain Name Dispute Resolution: A battle of trademarks vs. domain names

    by Manel Bin Said - 

    The World Intellectual Property Organisation (WIPO) Arbitration and Mediation Center’s domain name dispute resolution services for generic top-level domains (‘gTLD’) and some country code top level...

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  • When can an Arbitration Clause be Incorporated by Reference in the UAE?

    by Mohammad Al Muhtaseb & Marwa El Mahdy -  /

    In many jurisdictions arbitration clauses can be incorporated by reference. For example, although the main commercial terms will be set out in one agreement, certain standard terms will be...

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  • Termination of Construction Contracts in Qatar

    by Zehra Manni - 

    Delays or disruption related to various construction projects in Qatar have brought the issue of termination of contracts into the limelight.

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  • Construction Contracts: A Comparison Between the FIDIC Red Book and the 2010 MDB Conditions

    by Maria Mazzawi - 

    Major international construction projects usually entail a web of interconnected contracts, whereby parties from different jurisdictions, with different cultural approaches and from different legal...

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  • Foreign Investment in Bahrain

    by Raj Pahuja - 

    Al Tamimi’s decision to open an office in Bahrain was partly driven by the business friendly approach that Bahrain has adopted in relation to foreign investment and the opportunities that this...

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  • The Marketing of Foreign Funds in Kuwait

    by El Hassan Abdel Razek  - 

    The Kuwait Capital Market is seeing a substantial growth in investment funds.

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  • Kuwait Introduces a Consumer Protection Law

    by Sonia Salah - 

    In the past five years Kuwait has been steadily pursuing the development and modernization of its laws and regulations to reflect the nation’s current and forward-looking attitude in relation to the...

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  • Force majeure under FIDIC in Iraq

    by Justin Ede - 

    The recent incursion of ISIS forces into Iraq will have caused all parties engaged in construction and other projects in that country serious concern for the wellbeing of their staff, labour and the...

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  • Liability For Changing Boarding Gate

    by Tariq Idais  - 

    This article gives an overview of a recent lawsuit that was brought by a passenger (“Plaintiff”) in the UAE courts, against an Airway Company (“Defendant”) where the Plaintiff was denied boarding an...

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  • Is the legal concept “Without Prejudice” recognised by the UAE courts?

    by Essam Al Tamimi - 

    The concept of “Without Prejudice” communication is an important legal privilege in many countries.

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  • Hotel operator selection process: Some guidance for developers

    by Tara Marlow & Lada Shelkovnikova -  /

    When a developer decides to increase its property portfolio with a hotel project, a number of factors should be taken into account, and a number of preparatory phases should be considered as...

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  • Dubai Land Department introduces Mandatory Property Contracts

    by Eloise Robb - 

    With effect from 1 May 2014, all transactions that relate to the purchase and sale of property in Dubai must be documented using standard form property contracts, as per a new policy being...

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  • Regulating Real Estate Development in Qatar

    by Rafiq Jaffer & Dina Al Wahabi -  /

    It is no secret that Qatar is currently undergoing a major construction boom...

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  • A time to serve

    by Ivor Mcgettigan & Aaliyah Amar -  /

    The much anticipated national service law has now been published. This article looks at the fundamental provisions of UAE Federal Law No. (6) of 2014 Concerning National and Reserve Service (the...

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  • AEREO: Copyright law and cloud TV

    by Dania Fahs & Rachael Hammond -  /

    The recent US Supreme Court decision in American Broadcasting Companies, Inc., et al., v. Aereo, Inc. of 25 June 2014 has received significant media attention worldwide.

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