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  • Cargo Customs Law in the UAE

    by Omar Omar - 

    The UAE is a federacy of seven states. Each state has its own ruler and the rulers together form the supreme counsel governing body of the UAE, with the ruler of Abu Dhabi as the president of the...

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  • The New Waqf (Islamic Trust) Law in the Emirate of Sharjah

    by Ahmed Hamad - 

    What is a Waqf? Waqf is a concept which resembles closely the Anglo-American trust.

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  • Cloud computing in the UAE: Legal risks and remedies for providers and users

    by David Yates - 

    The term “cloud computing” is often used to describe a broad range of remote access computing services, many of which have been around for a number of years.

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  • A Legal Study of the Decision Rendered in Al Ain Appeal No. 53-2011 on 30.03.2011

    by Mohammed Jamil Ak Bik  - 

    The decision in question deals with an insurer’s pursuit of its rights of subrogation against the party responsible for damage caused to a vehicle.

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    by Alex Saleh - 

    Last year, Kuwait enacted the Capital Markets Law (CML) (Law No. 7 of 2010) followed by its executive bylaws (CML Bylaws) which seeks to regulate the securities businesses in Kuwait and provide...

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  • New rules in 2011 for Contracting Companies and Engineering Consultancies in Abu Dhabi: What are the new rules and what is required to comply with them?

    by Zoe Thompson - 

    2010 brought about significant changes for contractors and consulting engineers in Abu Dhabi with the introduction of new regulations relating to the classification of contractors (“Contractors”) and...

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    by Azlin Ahmed - 

    Islamic financing has made a major breakthrough in the financial world and over the past few years and has now proven to be a major contender to conventional financing in the UAE.

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    Al Tamimi & Company’s Maritime, Aviation and Insurance practice is at the heart of the dynamic transport industry in the Arabian Gulf.

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    by James Williams - 

    In the Gulf region, the most commonly used form of building contract is the 1999 Conditions of Contract for Construction prepared by FIDIC – The International Federation of Consulting Engineers (the...

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  • Hotel Development –From Inception to Operation

    by Tara Marlow - 

    In Part 1 of this article, I sought to introduce and outline the first stages of the life of a hotel - from inception through to opening. Chart for Hotel Development Article

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    This month, it gives me great pleasure to announce the promotion of seven lawyers to the Al Tamimi partnership.

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  • New Registration Requirements for Tenancy Contracts in Abu Dhabi

    by David Bowman - 

    Executive Council Resolution No. (4) of 2011 (“Resolution No. (4)”) has clarified whether or not tenancy contracts can be registered in Abu Dubai.

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  • Powers and Jurisdiction of the Commercial Agencies Committee

    by El-Ameir Noor - 

    The provisions of the Commercial Agencies Law (Federal Law No. 18 of 1981) (the Law) relating to the powers and jurisdiction of the Commercial Agencies Committee (the Committee) have been the subject...

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  • Qatar the 143rd PCT Contracting State

    by Bassam Salah Alazzeh - 

    On 3rd May 2011, Qatar deposited its instrument of accession to the Patent Cooperation Treaty (PCT), and on 3rd August 2011, will become bound by the PCT.

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  • Liability of Directors of Limited Liability Companies (“LLC”)

    by Manal Aloush - 

    In principle, a company is a legal person in its own capacity to create rights and bear liabilities, and as such can own property, enter into contracts with other parties and be involved in any...

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  • Encouraging Investment in Basra

    by Mohammed Norri - 

    Basra is one of the oldest Islamic cities, which was established during the Islamic conquest in 625 A.D. Prophet Mohammed (PBUH) 's companion, Utba Bin Gazwan, chose the city site in 14 A.H (636A.D)...

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