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  • IBA

    With the 2011 IBA Conference in Dubai still fresh in our minds, we want to take this opportunity to thank everyone who attended our IBA events for taking the time out of your busy schedules to join...

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  • Resolution of Securities Disputes in KSA; A Brief Overview

    by Bandar Al Hamidani  - 

    The Committee for the Resolution of Securities Disputes (CRSD) and the Appeal Committee for the Resolution of Securities Conflicts (ACRSC) are quasi judicial committees in The Kingdome of Saudi...

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  • Nasdaq Dubai Proposed New Listing Regime

    by Izabella Szadkowska - 

    As most of us remember, NASDAQ Dubai is a stock exchange registered and operating in the Dubai International Financial Centre (“DIFC”) that was formerly known as “Dubai International Financial...

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  • In This Issue

    As we near the end of the year, I reflect on the year that was and the highlights for both Al Tamimi & Company and the legal industry in the Middle East.

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  • KSA In Focus

    Al Tamimi & Company opened the Riyadh office in March 2008. It comprises a team of Arab, Saudi and western lawyers that are completely integrated and supported by Al Tamimi's extensive network of GCC...

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  • Economic Activities Practice In The Emirate Of Dubai

    by Joumana Azzam - 

    In this article, I will briefly outline: The objectives of the Law as described above, the role of the DED in this regard and important matters covered by this recent Law. In this article wherever...

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  • Renewed Interest in Iraq’s Capital Markets; a Focus on IPOs

    by Khaled Saqqaf  - 

    The majority of investors, both small and large, tend to face the same concerns in starting up and/or expanding their businesses; namely recourse to the funding necessary to achieve the same.

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  • The Development Zones in Jordan.

    by Saleem Kharraz - 

    In an attempt to boost the local Jordanian economy, the government announced its plans to create development zones around the country.

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  • Special Economic Zones In The Kingdom Of Saudi Arabia

    by Fadi Daher - 

    The purpose of this article is to provide a general overview of the establishment of the Economic Cities (ECs) under the authority of the Saudi Arabian General Investment Authority (SAGIA) and...

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  • Iraq Anti Money Laundery Law of 2004

    by Mohammed Norri - 

    Who are the people whose money is subject to legal accountability? 1. Each person managing or trying to manage financial transactions and employing its revenues for use in illegal activity; or all...

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  • Draft Fund Regulations

    by Lynette Brown - 

    In line with international best practices, the UAE Central Bank (“Central Bank”) and the Emirates Securities and Commodities Authority (the “ESCA”), the financial regulators in the UAE are getting...

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  • The DIFC Courts: A New Decade, a New Era In Dispute Resolution Part II

    by Rita Jaballah - 

    In our January 2010 Law Update edition, we published a cover story of the same name which explored the ground breaking developments and major issues that have dominated the agenda of the Dubai...

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  • “What is personal data?” under the DIFC Data Protection Law

    by David Yates - 

    The DIFC Data Protection Law 2007 applies in the jurisdiction of the Dubai International Financial Centre. This legislation governs the processing of “personal data”.

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  • Ownership Of Inventions: Employers vs. Employees

    by Ayen Biar - 

    Ownership of Inventions and Patent Rights under UAE Laws: Usually, ownership of an idea or invention is determined by whom, where and in what context the creation of the idea took place.

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  • Real Estate Brokerage Contract And The Requirement For Registration

    by Zafer Sheikh Oghli  - 

    In a recent case concerning a property broker (the “Claimant”) and a retail company (the “Defendant”), the Court of Cassation held that in order to have a valid Real Estate Brokerage contract, it...

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  • The Mortgage Regimes in Dubai and Abu Dhabi

    by Fayez Khouri  - 

    In practice, property mortgages are treated quite differently in Dubai and Abu Dhabi. The differences arise from the registration procedures in each Emirate, together with the specific mortgage law...

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  • Change in Turkey Trademark Practice

    by Mohammed Ali  - 

    In a recent development, the Turkish Trademark Registry has revised its practice in terms of prosecuting trademark application in class 35 covering ‘sales services’.

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  • Due Diligence in M&A Transactions: Information Technology Considerations

    by Waldo Steyn - 

    The importance of the appropriate focus on information technology, including software, in due diligence projects where the target is an information technology company, or where the target’s business...

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  • Cassation No: 66/2011 Commercial (Dubai Court)

    by Hussain Al Zarooni  - 

    In litigation, one reoccurring topic litigators face before the UAE courts is how interest is claimed and calculated on outstanding payments in commercial debts.

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  • Saudi Arabia – Enforcement of Power of Attorney Requirements for Applications from 2012

    by Stephen Jiew - 

    The Saudi Arabia Department of Official Gazette and Trademark Offices have announced that there will be stricter enforcement of regulatory guidelines regarding the filing of Power of Attorneys as...

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  • Landmark decision- 1.7 Million fine imposed by Dubai Customs against tobacco counterfeit importer

    by Munir Suboh - 

    The legal and IP Department in Dubai customs secured a unique judgment for the Claimants (our clients) handing down a decision imposing probably the largest fine ever in a Trademark customs complaint...

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