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August - September

  • Employing Illegal Workers: The Implications And Pitfalls

    by Gordon Barr - 

    Introduction: This article focuses upon the implications of illegal working for the illegal worker, the employing entity and its employee(s) who are responsible for the management of personnel.

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  • Highlights of the Laws of the United Arab Emirates, the People’s Republic of China and the Common Law applicable to construction contracts - Part 2

    by Eric Teo  - 

    This is the second and final part of the article written for China Construction Law Review which provides a brief comparison on some aspects of UAE construction law with PRC law, common law...

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  • An Overview Of The Jointly Owned Property Regulations And Their Implementation To Date

    by Jeremy Scott  - 

    INTRODUCTION: Law No. 27 of 2007 on Ownership of Jointly-Owned Properties in the Emirate of Dubai (the “JOP Law”) came into force on 1 April 2008. The Law laid the foundation for a regulated and...

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  • Finding your path: Arbitration, Sharia, and the Modern Middle East

    by Paul Turner - 

    As the Middle East grows as a hub for dispute resolution, the role of Sharia law in the legal affairs of the region is becoming an increasing cause for concern.

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  • Employment At Al Tamimi

    We have offered specialised employment services to clients for a number of years; the success of this much sought-after and well-respected group has meant that effective 1 July 2011 the employment...

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  • Some Aspects Of Litigation Under The Maritime Law

    by Mohamed El Hawawy - 

    The rules of litigation relating to maritime disputes are different, the maritime claim is urgent by its nature and most of the legislators are keen to adopt the laws accordingly.

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  • Article 255 of the Civil Procedure Law & The Competent Court

    by Suzanne Abdallah - 

    The Facts: A Civil Action was filed before Dubai Court of First Instance by a local company (“the Claimant”) against another local company (“the Defendant”).

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  • Qatar Telecoms Regulator Gets Tough

    by Anita Siassios  - 

    The facts surrounding the introduction of the branded partnership between Virgin Mobile and Qtel in Qatar last year suggest that arguably, a mobile telecommunications services provider may be...

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  • The Choice of Law and Dispute Settlement Resolution in Islamic Cross Border Finance Transactions

    by Alex Saleh  - 

    As the Islamic financial market becomes increasingly global, financial participants from multiple jurisdictions are taking opportunities to gather their resources and form alliances to jointly...

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  • Exclusive Distributorships Are Subject To The General Rules Set Out Under Chapter II Of The Commercial Transactions Law

    by El-Ameir Noor - 

    SUMMARY: In this case, the exclusive distributor (the Claimant) filed a case against its principal (the Defendant) for terminating the distributorship contract, without lawful cause or prior notice.

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  • Dubai Health Care City (DHCC)

    by Andrew Sleiman  - 

    Dubai Healthcare City (DHCC) was launched in 2002 by the UAE Vice President, Prime Minister and Ruler of Dubai, His Highness Sheikh Mohammed Bin Rashid Al Maktoum, to meet the demand for...

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  • Update on the Registration of Mortgages at the Dubai Land Department

    by Mohammed Kawasmi  - 

    Article (7) of Law No. 14 of 2008 Concerning Mortgages in the Emirate of Dubai provides that a mortgage is not valid unless it is registered with the Land Department and any agreement to the contrary...

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  • Hotels - does your business need a health check?

    by Tara Marlow - 

    Hospitality in the Middle East – the journey Looking back over the last 5 - 10 years, the hospitality industry throughout the Middle East region has undergone an exciting and eventful journey.

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  • Short Term Finance In The UAE And The Use Of Trust Receipts

    by Hufriz Wadia - 

    With the strong focus on trading in the United Arab Emirates (“UAE”), traders often require short term financing and this is where banks and financial institutions step in.

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  • The Qatar Financial Court Procedural Rules

    by Ahmed El Amoury - 

    Introduction: The Civil and Commercial Court (the Court was established by virtue of the Qatar Financial Center law no.7 of 2005 as amended by law no.2 of 2009(QFC Law).

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