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  • Operating Foreign Companies in Jordan

    by Abdallah Al Fraihat  - 

    The issue of the operating foreign companies in Jordan is dealt with in Articles 240 – 244 of the Jordanian Companies Law No. 22 for the year 1997 (the "Law").

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  • The Confidentiality of Arbitrations in the UAE

    by Robert Karrar-Lewsley - 

    Introduction: It is often said that a key benefit of using arbitration to resolve disputes is that it is confidential, as opposed to using the courts which are public. Disputes often raise sensitive...

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  • Registration of commercial agencies in Iraq

    by Ahmed Al Jumaili  - 

    The Commercial Agency business forms an integral part of the Iraqi commercial industry, as the Commercial Agents practicing at various levels pay a big part in building the necessary bridges of...

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  • Companies and Corporate Governance – An Overview

    by Ahmed Ibrahim  - 

    Everyone dealing with a company, whether as shareholder, stakeholder (suppliers, distributors, agents, and so on.) or director wishes it to be well managed, or at the very least managed for their own...

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  • Directors' Liabilities - Listed Saudi Companies

    by Izabella Szadkowska - 

    Listing a company in Saudi Arabia exposes directors to significant exposure arising out of numerous duties and potential liabilities.

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  • The Perils of ignoring Global Economic Sanctions

    by Ibtissem Lassoued - 

    The effort against both the increasing threat of terrorism and the development and proliferation of weapons of mass destruction, has consistently involved the implementation and imposition of...

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  • Corporate Resolution: An Instrument Of High Significance To Corporate Entities

    by Tarek El Khatib  - 

    Corporate resolutions or minutes of meetings are crucial to the running of a corporation. Proper, timely corporate minutes help protect personal assets of owners and officers.

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  • The New Saudi Finance Laws

    by Hesham Al Homoud - 

    On July 2012, the Saudi Council of Ministers issued 5 new laws in relation to the finance industry, with more focus to real estate financing, as well as the execution/enforcement mechanism.

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  • The New DIFC Markets Law Regime - A Catalyst for NASDAQ Dubai?

    by Izabella Szadkowska - 

    Over the period of nearly two years the Dubai Financial Services Authority (DFSA), being the regulatory authority of the Dubai International Financial Centre (DIFC), has undertaken an extensive...

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  • Advertising Regulations in the UAE

    by Waldo Steyn  - 

    Endangered blank spaces: In 2007 in an article entitled “Anywhere the Eye Can See, It’s Likely to See an Ad”, appearing in the New York Times, it was suggested that blank spaces be added to the...

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  • A shipowners duty to provide a seaworthy ship under the charterparty

    by Saif Almobideen - 

    This article tackles and clarifies the particulars of the duty of the Shipowners to provide a seaworthy ship under the charterparty terms, from the standard point of view of the Common Law, English...

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  • Intellectual Property Team

    Our comprehensive IP practice is the leading in the region with capabilities provided trademark, patent and design professionals across 10 offices in five countries.

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  • The long and winding road – Competition in the Telco market in Saudi Arabia

    by Dr.Nils Abrahamsson - 

    This article is intended to offer a discussion over the introduction of competition in the Saudi Arabian Telecom Market.

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  • The “Prior Use” Doctrine in UAE Trademark Law

    by Waldo Steyn & Munir Suboh -  /

    The point of departure in considering trademark ownership is that the party who applies for and secures registration of a trademark shall be the exclusive owner of that trademark in respect of the...

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  • Understanding the Relationship between the Public Institute for Social Security and the Manpower and Government Restructuring Program

    by Paul Saba - 

    The Public Institute for Social Security (“PIFSS”) is a Kuwaiti governmental agency whose purpose is to ensure through a social security system, the continued welfare for Kuwait citizens.

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  • Overview of the Trademarks Law in Iraq

    by Rasha Al Ardah - 

    The legislative environment of trademarks in Iraq has come a long way since 1931 when the first Trademarks Law was enacted.

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  • Appreciating Aesthetic Appeal – Protecting Design Investments

    by Stephen Jiew - 

    Differentiation by design:In a world competing for eyeballs, securing rights in aspects of the appearance of products should be at the top of the mind of the manufacturers, producers and retailers of...

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  • Levy on Mobile Phone Handset Imports

    by Bassam Al Azzeh  - 

    Following the Council of Ministers Resolution Nos. 125/6/4 of 2012 dealing with the collection, recycling and safe disposal of mobile phone handsets in the United Arab Emirates (UAE), the Council of...

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  • New UAE Funds Regulation substantially change the marketplace

    by Lynette Brown & Dena El khatib  -  /

    Introduction: In August 2012, the UAE Securities and Commodities Authority (“SCA”) issued Board Resolution No. 37 of 2012 concerning the rules of investment funds (the “Regulation”), which will...

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  • The Court Structure in Qatar

    by Roy Georgiades  - 

    In Qatar the legal framework is made up of three types of courts, the civil, the Criminal and the Islamic “Shari’a” courts.The civil courts have exclusive jurisdiction over civil, commercial,...

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  • Qatar - Defects Liability: Manufacturer’s Warranties and Prescription Periods

    by Sarah Kelly  - 

    A recent decision of the Court of Cassation in Qatar has significant implications for manufacturers of passenger vehicles and their local distributors in this jurisdiction.

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  • Jurisdiction and Property Disputes in Dubai

    by Ammar Haykal & Tarek Shrayh  -  /

    Introduction: Jurisdiction is the authority granted to a formally constituted legal body to administer and decide legal matters. By extension, jurisdiction is also the authority to administer justice...

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  • Execution of Foreign Judgments in Cases of Concurrent Jurisdiction in the UAE Pursuant to International Treaties

    by Khaled Gamaleldeen & Hussain Al Matrood -  /

    Introduction and Policy: In order to promote cooperation and ease financial and personal international conflict resolution, the UAE has entered into several international treaties for judicial...

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