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  • Proposed Draft Regulation: The Registration of Insurance Brokers and Organisation of their Operations

    by Angelique Watkins  - 

    The Insurance Authority (“IA”) issued a circular in August this year containing the proposed new regulations (the “Regulations”) in relation to Insurance Brokers, their registration requirements,...

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  • Al Tamimi & Company sets a new precedent in Iraq

    Al Tamimi Iraq office has successfully obtained a ruling in our clients' favor relating to the issue of jurisdiction of Iraqi courts.

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  • Enforcement Update

    by Jody Glenn Waugh & Saleh Al Obeidli  -  /

    Ijara with mortgage – a contradiction? A fundamentally element of the Ijara is the fact that the finance party is the owner of the relevant assets, whether they be immovable or movable property.

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  • Pledging Of Shares Of A Limited Liability Company - Facts or Fiction?

    by Jody Glenn Waugh & Dena Elkhatib  -  /

    Introduction: For years opinions have varied over whether shares in a limited liability company can be pledged in the UAE, with the common position in the legal profession being that it is not...

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  • Piercing the Corporate Veil under the UAE Companies Law - When can Shareholders be Responsible?

    by Ahmed Ibrahim  - 

    What is the definition of Corporate Veil and its historical background? Corporate veil is a legal term for the fundamental rule that assets & liabilities of a corporation are separate from the assets...

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  • Banking & Finance At Al Tamimi & Company

    Al Tamimi & Company’s Banking & Finance practice reflects the firm’s position as a leader in the Gulf.

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  • Update On Capital Markets: Disclosure Of Material

    by El Hassan Abdelrazek - 

    The Capital Markets Authority Law (“CML”) was issued under Law No.7 for the year 2010 and its subsequent executive regulations (the “Regulations”) were issued in March 2011 and published in the...

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  • Insurance at Al Tamimi & Company

    Al Tamimi & Company's Insurance department is at the heart of the expanding industry in the UAE.

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  • Interest on Loans under Qatari Laws

    by Hani Al Naddaf & Sami Fakhoury -  /

    A usual concern among lenders is whether payment of interest on loans is allowed under Qatari law.

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  • Electronic evidence in the UAE Courts

    by Jennifer Page & Marwa El Mahdy -  /

    Introduction: In a recent case before the Dubai Court of Cassation, the Court held that pursuant to Federal Law no. 1 of 2006 which relates to Electronic Transactions, Ecommerce and Electronic...

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  • Credit Rating Agencies: The New Kids On The Rgulatory Block

    by Michael Dalby  - 

    In 2006, 93% of the AAA ratings issued by ratings agencies on subprime mortgage backed securities were later downgraded to junk.

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  • Companies And Corporate Governance - In-depth Analysis

    by Ahmed Hamad - 

    Following our previous article on Companies and Corporate Governance, we set out in this article some emphasis on matters important to board of directors.

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  • Jordan’s Amendments to the Press and Publications Law

    by Anita Siassios & Saba Gheshan  -  /

    In recent news, the widely discussed Law Amending the Press and Publications Law for the year 2012 (“Amendments”) to Jordan’s Press & Publications Law No. 8 of 1998 (“Press and Publications Law”) has...

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  • Resale of used software licenses

    by Sana Saleem  - 

    ECJ Decision on software licenses: On July 3, 2012, the European Court of Justice (ECJ) issued a landmark decision related to the copyright protection of software licenses.

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  • Developments in data protection

    by Nick O’Connell  - 

    Most people will agree that the protection of privacy is important. The benefits of living in the information age (ranging from enhanced public healthcare through to more convenient on-line shopping)...

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  • Patents of Second Medical Use in the UAE, KSA and the GCC Patent Office

    by Bassem Salah AlAzzeh - 

    “Is it possible to obtain patent protection for second and further medical use of known compounds or compositions?” this is an important question debated between governments and pharmaceutical...

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  • Qatar: Do not hand in a Blank Cheque!

    by Roy Georgiades  - 

    A recent decision of Qatar’s Court of Cassation raises significant implications for drawers of ‘blank’ cheques in Qatar.

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  • Public Policy Challenges to Arbitration Awards

    by Hassan Arab & Hussain Almatrood -  /

    It is well known that Article 216 of the Civil Transactions Code contains the procedural flaws which can be used as grounds to annul an arbitration award.

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  • Dubai: The Position of the UAE Courts following Accession to the New York Convention

    by Hassan Arab  - 

    Since the ratification of the New York Convention by the UAE by Federal Decree No. 43, a significant change has been noticed in the approach of UAE Courts in relation to the recognition and...

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  • Extradition and Bounced Security Cheques: The Defence of ‘Dual Criminality’ in Practice

    by Andrew Hudson  - 

    INTRODUCTION: Al Tamimi & Company has published articles separately about extradition and bounced cheques.

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  • Airline Operators’ Insurance Requirements in the UAE: Is the minimum adequate?

    by Angelique Watkins - 

    In the UAE, the General Civil Aviation Authority (“GCAA”) issued an Information Bulletin in January 2010 (“the IB”) with the objective of achieving public protection through the enforcement of...

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  • The End of Service Gratuity: is it the beginning of the end?

    by Ivor McGettigan & Luke Tapp  -  /

    End of service gratuity (“ESG”) is a topic that is currently stirring much debate. In particular, it was recently reported that after conducting a study into the ESG system, the World Bank...

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