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  • Regulation of digital content in the UAE – Part One

    by Anita Siassios  - 

    This article is one of a two-part series: this part one addresses the regulation of digital content in the UAE and sets the regulatory scene; part two will specifically focus on the regulation of...

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  • Al Tamimi & Company wins one of the largest Commercial Disputes before the Dubai Courts

    by Zafer Sheikh Oghli  - 

    Summary :On 21.05.12, the Dubai Court of Appeal ruled in favour of Global Investment House (GIH), a Kuwaiti investment company represented by Al Tamimi & Company in a case which confirmed the refund...

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  • Trademark Registration in Jordan; The General Class Heading as Description of Goods is No Longer Acceptable

    by Mohammed Ali  - 

    The Jordan Trademark Registrar has issued Decree No. 11302, dated April 11, 2012, in compliance with the standards and practices of the World Intellectual Property Organization, in which Jordan has...

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  • Prices & Discounts on Drugs

    by Ahmad Zaza  - 

    This is the second article in the series of ‘Drug Regulation’ in the UAE, where the author will explore the regulation of pricing and discounts to pharmaceutical preparations.

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  • Controversial Judgment on Religious Trademarks

    by Omar Obeidat  - 

    After a lengthy and controversial litigation reaching up to the Union Supreme Court, the highest Federal Court in the UAE court system delivered a judgment in relation to trademarks with religious...

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  • The Saudi Stock exchange how do you list your business ?

    by Izabella Szadkowska  - 

    Despite subdued capital markets throughout the GCC, there has been some activity in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia (“KSA”) in new equity listings.

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  • Short-term letting of property

    It was recently reported in the Dubai press that individual property owners in Discovery Gardens have been warned not to lease their apartments on a short-term basis, and that violators could face...

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  • Kuwait: Mediation as a method of Dispute Resolution

    by Ramy El Demrdash  - 

    Today, when lawyers prepare joint venture agreements, they usually include alternative dispute resolution mechanisms which are more effective from a business perspective than that of litigation;...

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  • KSA: The Role of a Court Appointed Custodian in cases of Disputed Assets

    by Bandar AL Hamidani  - 

    Introduction: Where parties are in dispute over the ownership of assets, the need to preserve those assets, pending the dispute being decided, will be an important consideration, particularly in...

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  • Dishonoured Cheques in the UAE - A Criminal Law perspective

    by Hassan Arab  - 

    Dishonoured cheques are a reoccurring problem and are on the rise since the onset of the financial crisis. As a result, there has been a sharp increase in criminal cases and complaints filed with the...

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  • Qatari Court of Cassation: A dispute relating to an unregistered commercial agency agreement shall not be heard by the Qatari courts

    by Roy Georgiades - 

    The Principle: The Qatari Commercial Agency Law (Law 8 of 2002) (the “Agency Law”) has been enacted to organise the engagement in a Commercial Agency business in Qatar. The main condition for the...

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  • UAE: Earnest Money and Damages

    by Hussain Eisa Shiri / Rami Abdellatif  -  / Rami Abdellatif -

    Earnest money is a deposit paid to demonstrate commitment and to bind a contract, with the remainder due at a particular time. If the contract is breached by failure to pay, then the earnest payment...

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  • Dubai: The principles that apply when bringing an Order for Payment claim

    by Ahmed Allouz / Suzanne Abdallah

    Introduction: Article 143 of Federal Law no. 11 of 1992 (the Civil Procedure Law) as amended by Federal Law No. 30 of 2005, sets out the conditions for bringing a Direct Payment Order before the...

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  • Saudi Arabia introduces draft Arbitration law in line with the UNCITRAL Model law

    by Essam Al Tamimi - 

    In a development long-awaited by the international arbitration community, Saudi Arabia (the largest economy in the Middle East) has recently enacted a new arbitration law in Arabic, running to...

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  • KIZAD The Industrial Zone of tomorrow

    by Georges Daoud  - 

    Khalifa Industrial Zone Abu Dhabi (KIZAD) is a brand name used for the new industrial zone located in Al Taweela area operating under Abu Dhabi Ports Company (ADPC).

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  • Negotiating contracts in the Construction industry

    by Jane Bertenshaw  - 

    The global economic crisis that began in late 2008 sparked an increase in construction contract re-negotiations in Dubai and the UAE as a whole in the months that followed of 2009 / 2010.

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  • Real Estate within the UAE: A summary of legislative development

    by Tara Marlow  - 

    (A) INTRODUCTION: In 2010, we produced an article focusing on the previous 8 years of ‘boom and bust’ within Dubai, and how this had been dealt with by the authorities.

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