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  • Charting the General Average in KSA

    by Omar Omar / Wisam Sindi -  /  - Dubai, UAE / Jeffah, Saudi Arabia

    The law of general average is an admiralty doctrine devised by early sea venturers to determine their proportional liability for any issues in cases of emergency where some cargo has to be voluntary...

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  • Vision 2030: Why Don’t You Consider Exporting to Saudi Arabia?

    by Izabella Szadkowska / Sarah Al Saif -  /  - Riyadh, Saudi Arabia

    The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia (“KSA”) is the second largest oil producer and the world’s largest oil exporter as well as the only Arab country to be part of the G-20.

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  • Regulatory Framework of Travel Offices in Qatar

    by Ahmed Jaafir -  - Doha, Qatar

    Driven by Qatar National Vision 2030, the hosting of the FIFA 2022 World Cup, and Qatar’s focus on the development of its non oil & gas revenues, Qatar has declared its intention to diversify its...

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  • The New Kuwait Business Center and the ‘One-Window Transaction’

    by Mohamed Afifi -  - Kuwait City, Kuwait

    During the last few years, the Kuwait government has taken a number of positive steps towards sustainable development and economic growth by reducing bureaucracy, quickening the administrative...

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  • Contract Drafting Insights from Iraq

    by Ali Al Dabbagh -  - Baghdad, Iraq

    In this article, I aim to provide guidance on drafting contracts in general and specifically on drafting contracts performed wholly or partially in Iraq. I start by answering the two most frequently...

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  • Protecting your Trademark and Copyright in Egypt

    by Abdelrahman Helmi / Hassane Hassan -  /  - Cairo, Egypt

    This article considers the protection of trademark and copyright in Egypt including a review of some cases that can constitute trademark and copyright infringement according to the laws in Egypt.

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  • Bahrain Investment Market (BIM) Opens its Doors for Business

    by Rad El Treki -  - Manama, Bahrain

    March 2017 witnessed the inauguration of the eagerly awaited Bahrain Investment Market (BIM), an alternative equity market operated by the Bahrain Bourse which seeks to offer developing companies...

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  • Completion and Taking Over: Why it’s so important

    by Euan Lloyd -  - Abu Dhabi, UAE

    Taking over is a critical part of any project - it constitutes confirmation that the works have been satisfactorily completed by the contractor (save for minor defects and outstanding items of works)...

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  • FIDIC and BIM: Missed Opportunity or Turning the Corner?

    by Scott Lambert / Jeremy Russell -  /  - Dubai, UAE

    Building Information Modeling (BIM) is becoming an essential part of construction project delivery and as a result some standard form contracts have moved to provide clauses to assist with the...

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  • ‘Fit for Purpose’ or ‘Reasonable Care’? Dealing with Design Liability in the New FIDIC Yellow Book

    by Scott Lambert -  - Dubai, UAE

    It is not unusual for construction contracts to contain different obligations with regards to design and workmanship.

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  • New FIDIC White Book: The Key Changes

    by Scott Lambert -  - Dubai, UAE

    FIDIC intends to release a 5th edition of the FIDIC Client/Consultant Model Services Agreement, known to many as the White Book, this year. A pre-release version of the 5th Edition was provided to...

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  • Major Revamp of DIFC Companies Law

    by Izabella Szadkowska -  - Dubai, UAE

    On 20 March 2017, the Dubai International Financial Centre (‘DIFC’) announced proposals for significant changes to the DIFC Companies Law (DIFC Law No. 2 of 2009) by releasing a draft restated law...

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  • Part 2: Extent of the Insurance Company’s Right of Recourse in Marine Cargo Claims in UAE

    by Siri Hashem -  - Dubai, UAE

    This article is the second in a two part examination of a recent court case concerning the extent of an insurance company’s right of recourse against the carrier in marine cargo claims. Part I of...

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  • Control It or You’ll Lose It: Quality Control Provisions in Trademark Licence Agreements in the UAE

    by Sadaf Nakhaei -  - Dubai, UAE

    Licence agreements are an effective tool for trademark owners to capitalise on their trademarks, allowing the brand to be developed internationally and in regions that extend beyond the trademark...

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  • How will you be affected by the new UAE VAT regime? Failing to Prepare is Preparing to Fail

    by Shiraz Khan -  - Dubai, UAE

    This article provides an update on the status of the VAT implementation across the GCC, the future legal framework of VAT in the UAE and the expected features of the UAE VAT system based on the first...

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  • Overview of Law No.1 of 2017 on the Financial System of Abu Dhabi Government

    by Renata Rai -  - Dubai, UAE

    Law No. 1 of 2017 on the Financial System of Abu Dhabi Government was issued on 10 January 2017 and was published in the Official Gazette on 31 January 2017, at which point it came into effect.

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  • Enforcing Foreign Court Judgments in Dubai

    by Tarek Shrayh -  - Dubai, UAE

    The Dubai Courts have jurisdiction to hear claims against parties based in Dubai, according to Article 20 of the UAE Civil Procedure Code (CPC).

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  • How to Convert your Property to a Waqf?

    by Abdullah Khaled -  - Dubai, UAE

    The Islamic Sharia defines waqf over a property as the endowment of a building, a plot of land or other asset for charitable purposes, with no intention of reclaiming the donated assets. The donated...

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  • The Fundamentals of Commercial Leasing in Dubai

    by Jeremy Scott / Ian Arnott / Andrew Balfe -  / /  - Dubai, UAE

    Most residents in Dubai will be familiar with a basic residential lease arrangement.

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  • IT Disengagement Services: Thinking Ahead for a Smooth Exit

    by Haroun Khwaja -  - Riyadh, Saudi Arabia

    IT services are the backbone of most public and private sector entities nowadays including those in the banking, retail, airline, hotel, manufacturing and mining industries.

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  • Fantasy Sports in the UAE: Legal or a Red Card

    by Fiona Robertson -  - Dubai, UAE

    In April this year, lawmakers in Texas became the latest politicians to turn their attention to the perplexing issue of fantasy football.

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  • Extraterritorial Application of US Labour Laws in the UAE

    by Gordon Barr / Natalie Jones -  /  - Dubai, UAE

    This article considers the extraterritorial application of US employment laws in the UAE. It is well understood that UAE laws will apply and its courts have jurisdiction within the UAE’s borders....

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  • Alerting the Bank upon Receipt of a Fraudulent Transaction SMS: Obligation or Option?

    by Roy Georgiades / Reem Khader -  /  - Doha, Qatar

    In a recent judgment dated 14 March 2017, the Qatari Court of Cassation established a new principle regarding the responsibility of banks’ customers to ensure the safety and protection of their...

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  • Qatar Courts Release their Grip on Restrictive Compensation Chains

    by Ahmed El Amoury / Reem Khader -  /  - Doha, Qatar

    In a refreshing and reassuring judgment, the Court of First Instance recently took an unusually generous approach for the Qatari Courts, by awarding direct damages and compensation to an innocent...

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  • Differentiating between an Arbitration Deed and Terms of Reference in UAE law

    by Ahmad Ghoneim -  - Abu Dhabi, UAE

    The terms, “arbitration deed”, “arbitration instrument”, and “terms of reference” are often used interchangeably in arbitration practice leading to some confusion.

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