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  • Mixed-Use Projects in Jordan

    by Ala Hadidi -  - Amman, Jordan
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  • Accepted Logos Under Egypt Trademark Law

    by  Hassane Hassan / Maha Ayche  -  /  - Cairo, Egypt / Abu Dhabi, UAE

    A trade (or industrial) mark is a sign chosen by the merchant or manufacturer to be put on their products to distinguish those products from other similar products. The trademark aims to distinguish...

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  • Saudi Vision 2030: What Does It Mean for Your Industry?

    by  Jonathan Reardon -   - Al Khobar, Saudi Arabia

    The Saudi Vision 2030 was announced in April 2016 and represents Saudi Arabia’s roadmap to diversify its economy and address the challenges brought by low global energy prices. In June 2016 the...

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  • Competition Law in Qatar: A Closer Look

    by  Carlo Procacci  -  - Doha, Qatar

    Qatar’s De-monopolisation and Competition Protection Committee (the Committee) at the Ministry of Economy and Commerce has become much more active of late. Therefore, ten years after its enactment,...

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  • Copyright Protection in Bahrain

    by  Diana Al Adel  -  - Manama, Bahrain

    This article considers the scope of copyright protection in Bahrain.

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  • Breach of Trust under the Kuwaiti Penal Law

    by  Mohamed Eissa -  - Dubai, UAE

    Breach of trust is one of the common crimes that take place when the dealings between parties involve financial obligations. It is noticed that there is often a misconception of the trust...

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  • Qatar Attorney General is New Chair of International Association of Anti-Corruption Authorities

    by  Roy Georgiades / Andrew Hudson  -  / Dubai, UAE  - Doha, Qatar /

    The International Association of Anti-Corruption Authorities (IAACA) is a non-governmental organisation (NGO) tasked with the main objective of encouraging the fulfilment of the United Nations...

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  • The New Integrity and Anti-Corruption Committee, Jordan

    by  Khaled Al Hamrani / Mohammed Al Shobaki -  /  - Dubai, UAE / Dubai, UAE

    On 16 June 2016, Jordan decided to move forward in Economical-Judicial reform. On that date, the Integrity and Anti-Corruption Commission (“IACC”) came into force by Law No. 13 of 2016 (“IACC Law”)....

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  • Public Sector Corruption in Egypt: Recent Developments at a Glance

    by  Ibtissem Lassoued / Salma Kebeich  -  /  - Dubai, UAE / Cairo, Egypt

    In the five or so years following the Arab Spring, a number of countries in the Middle East have been through many changes, which have pushed their leaders to attempt to gain the trust of their...

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  • The Fight Against Cybercrime

    by  Andrew Hudson  -  - Dubai, UAE

    Criminals will generally not commit armed robbery at a branch of a bank these days, when they can hack into emails and access bank accounts from the relative comfort, safety and anonymity of their...

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  • False Information in Company Documents May Lead to Jail

    by  Sharif Jamous / Ahmed Abdulshafe  - Dubai, UAE / Dubai, UAE  - /

    With reference to the legislation in the UAE and the judgments of the Court of Cassation in the Emirate of Dubai, a company may be defined as a contract by which two or more persons contribute a...

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  • Dubai Laws to Assist Victims of Financial Fraud

    by  Osama Daneshyar -  - Dubai, UAE

    Financial crime is a distressing experience for its victims, even if those victims happen to be government entities or large financial institutions.

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  • Reasonable Ignorance of the Law May be an Excuse

    by  Andrew Hudson / Sharif Jamous  -  /  - Dubai, UAE / Dubai, UAE
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  • UAE Combatting Corruption in the Diamond Industry

    by  Ibtissem Lassoued  -  - Dubai, UAE

    Conflict diamonds, sometimes referred to as blood diamonds, are those which are mined and sold illegally by organizations that use the sale of such diamonds to finance movements against the...

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  • Restructure and Rehabilitate in the UAE

    by  Patrick Slater / Mark Brown / Renata Rai  -  / /  - Abu Dhabi, UAE / Dubai, UAE / Dubai, UAE
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  • Facilities Management Contracts: A Few Things to Know

    by  Euan Lloyd -  -  Abu Dhabi, UAE

    Whether it is an airport, industrial facility, power station, hospital, commercial tower, residential project or any other asset, for a project to retain its value, be attractive to its users and...

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  • Guide to Hotel Operations in the Middle East: Part Two

    by  Malek Al Rifai / Raissa Hajjar -  /  - Dubai, UAE / Dubai, UAE

    We published the first part of the guide to Hotel Operations in the Middle East in the May 2016 edition of Law Update (No 289), where we explored the regulatory framework of the hotel industry in...

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  • Patent Filing in Jordan, Iran and Egypt

    by Sura Al Samid -  - Amman, Jordan

    This article sets out a brief overview of how patents are filed in Jordan, Iran and Egypt.

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  • Regulation of Cloud Computing in Saudi Arabia

    by  Nick O’Connell  -  - Dubai, UAE

    This note is a very high level summary of some of the key issues raised in CITC’s public consultation document. The deadline for feedback on the twenty questions that CITC has specified in the public...

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  • Is Using a VPN in the UAE Illegal?

    by  Andrew Fawcett / Sana Saleem  -  /  - Abu Dhabi, UAE / Dubai, UAE

    Recent media reports regarding changes to the law relating to the use of a Virtual Private Network (“VPN”) have caused significant alarm to businesses operating in the UAE.

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  • SCA’s New Corporate Governance Rules in the UAE: What Does this Mean for Investors?

    by  Ahmed Ibrahim  -  - Dubai, UAE

    The Securities and Commodities Authority of the United Arab Emirates (SCA) has intervened substantially post the global financial crisis in 2008 to re-establish investors’ confidence in the financial...

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  • Employment Law - What’s On the Horizon? A Round Up of Legislation Introduced Over the Summer Months

    by  Sarah Anderson  -  - Dubai, UAE

    This year is proving to be a busy year for employment law with updates and developments on the subject regularly featuring in the news.

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  • Registration of Short Term Tenancy Contracts in Dubai, Abu Dhabi & Sharjah - Part 1

    by  Aruna Mukherji / Maha Dahoui -  / - Dubai, UAE / Abu Dhabi, UAE

    In the UAE, each Emirate has its own set of tenancy laws which govern the landlord and tenant relationship for use of the leased premises for a fixed term in return for payment of rent. With...

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  • Buyers Beware: Importance of Due Diligence Exercise in the Emirate of Dubai

    by Aruna Mukherji -  - Dubai, UAE

    There are several key steps which should be generally followed when purchasing a property in the Emirate of Dubai and with specific types of property there may also be additional verification steps...

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  • Important Abu Dhabi Judgment on Distribution of Profits in an LLC and Public Policy

    by Hassan Eltahir / Zane Anani  -  /  - Abu Dhabi, UAE / Dubai, UAE

    The Abu Dhabi Court of Cassation recently ruled (in Civil Appeal 30 of 2015) that a UAE-national shareholder who knowingly sells his shares in violation of the UAE Companies Law and public policy...

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