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  • DIFC Court of Appeal Paves Way for Enforcement of Foreign Judgments in UAE

    by Robert Karrar-Lewsley & Tarek Shrayh -  /

    In a widely awaited judgment, the DIFC Court of Appeal has confirmed that parties may enforce foreign judgments in the DIFC and then take the resulting DIFC Court order to the Dubai Courts for...

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  • Hotel Renovations: What could possibly go wrong?

    by Scott Lambert - 

    The renovation of a hotel can have many traps for both Contractors and Developers. If these issues are not properly allowed for, you can lose your reputation and be embroiled in a dispute for...

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  • The Longest-Running Construction Case in UAE Legal History has Finally Ended

    by Jalal Kudsi - 

    On 9 December 2015, Case No. 304/1993 - the longest-running construction case before the UAE courts - ended after more than 20 years.

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  • Direct Agreements in Hotel Financings: Key Considerations

    by Renata Rai - 

    In a hospitality project which involves funding from one or several financial institutions, it will often be a requirement that the lender group, or their representative, enters into a direct...

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  • Abu Dhabi Judgment on Delay Damages Highlights Importance of When Contract is Terminated

    by Hassan El Tahir & Ahmad Ghoneim -  /

    The FIDIC 1999 (Red Book) at clause 8.7 provides that in the event completion is delayed the contractor shall pay the employer delay damages equal to a pre-agreed amount specified in the contract as...

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  • Hotel Brands Coping with Online Marketing: An Operator’s Perspective

    by Omar Obeidat & Mai Marshad  -  /

    2015 was a challenging year for the Middle East and North Africa (“MENA”) hospitality industry, with some countries’ performance being impacted by currency fluctuations and other macroeconomic and...

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  • Security Enforcement in Dubai

    by Ahmed Zaki - 

    A slowdown in an economy is commonly followed by a tightening of liquidity and an increase in credit losses in the banking market.

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  • Prominent Trademarks in the UAE Hospitality Sector

    by Nour Kanawati - 

    As an international tourist hotspot, new and well-known hotel brands are constantly popping up in Dubai.

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  • Lessons Learnt from the O.W.Bunker Saga: A UAE perspective

    by Adam Gray - 

    Just over a year on from arguably the most far-reaching liquidation seen in the maritime world and there is still no end in sight.

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  • New Frontiers in an Ancient Land: Iran’s Emerging Hospitality Market

    by Hamid Mojtahedi - 

    Iran sits at the cross roads of civilizations. Once, the seat of the great Persian Empire with its rich, ancient and enchanting historical narrative, the country has always retained a lasting allure...

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  • GCC Rail Infrastructure Projects: The Challenges and the Benefits

    by Francis Patalong - 

    The GCC regional plans for rail, taken together and viewed in the context of their respective timetables, are of an entirely different order of magnitude to any major infrastructure project that has...

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  • The New Tourism Law and Saudi Arabia’s Renewed Commitment to Tourism

    by Julie Bassi & Ohod Wasfi -  /

    Saudi Arabia is actively encouraging foreign investment across most industries and tourism is no exception.

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  • UAE Insurance Law Update: Insurance Implications of Building Fires in Dubai

    by Justin Carroll - 

    Concerns around the flammability of external aluminium cladding used to cover the exteriors of many Dubai high-rise buildings have been around for several years now.

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  • Saudi Arabia to Introduce New Land Tax

    by Daniel Goodwin - 

    It has been widely reported that the government of Saudi Arabia has introduced a tax on undeveloped urban land, so called “white lands”.

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  • Competitions, Promotions, Prize Draws, Sweepstakes, Raffles, and Instant Prizes: Sales Promotions in the UAE

    by Nick O’Connell & Sana Saleem -  /

    In the UAE, sales promotions, including sales as well as competitions and prize draws (prize campaigns, sweepstakes, raffles, and instant prizes, etc.), are regulated on an emirate-by-emirate level...

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  • Military Leave Under Egyptian Employment Law

    by Ayman Nour - 

    Despite the removal of references to “socialism” and “socialist” terms from the 1971 Constitution and the absence of these words in the current 2014 Constitution, Egyptian laws still adopt socialist...

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  • Governance: A Necessity for the Family in Business

    by Bashayer Al Obeidli - 

    Family businesses play a key role in elevating the economies of the countries they operate in. In the GCC, the private sector is dominated by family owned businesses, which make up more than 75% of...

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  • Kuwait: The Impact of the New CMA Regulations

    by Hani Thabet - 

    Foreign companies and multinational firms doing business in Kuwait will need to be keenly aware of the provisions contained in Book 5 of the newly issued Capital Market Authority (“CMA”) bylaws...

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  • New Sports Law Ensures the UAE Remains a Global Leader

    by Steve Bainbridge - 

    In late 2015, His Highness Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, UAE Vice President, Prime Minister and Ruler of Dubai, issued Cabinet Resolution (31) of 2015 the Executive Regulations of Federal...

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  • Merger Boom in the Hotel Industry: Impact on Hotel Owners

    by Tara Marlow & Lada Shelkovnikova -  /

    2015 was marked with the announcement of some unprecedented large-scale mergers and acquisitions of hotel operator companies.

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  • Holiday Homes and Hotel Apartments in Dubai: A Comparative Study

    by Malek Al Rifai & Fady Ghanem -  /

    The continued growth in the tourism sector of Dubai, coupled with an increase in the level of sophistication of tourists in general, is encouraging investors to diversify their product offering by...

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  • Market Slowdown: Time for Hotel Acquisitions?

    by Lada Shelkovnikova - 

    Major mergers and acquisitions often take place during periods of market slowdown, where the purchase price for the assets in question, be it shares, real estate or an operational business, is...

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  • When Can a Hotel Owner Terminate the Hotel Management Agreement? A UAE Law Perspective

    by Lada Shelkovnikova & Naief Yahia -  / aief Yahia

    The standard terms and conditions of a hotel management agreement (“HMA”) usually provide the hotel owner (“Owner”) with very limited possibilities to terminate, while the hotel operator...

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  • ‘‘Can I Get A Witness”: Standard Terms for Agreement with Live Performers at a Hotel Venue in the UAE

    by Fiona Robertson - 

    Hotels contain many vast and diverse departments, such as housekeeping, marketing, reservations and food outlets.

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  • Secondments in the UAE Hotel Industry

    by Samir Kantaria & Natalie Jones -  /

    It is becoming increasingly common for employers in a number of labour markets worldwide to utilise atypical working arrangements.

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