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  • Registration of Trademark Owners Under Egyptian Ministerial Decree 43/2016

    by Salma Ezzat -  - Cairo, Egypt

    The Egyptian Government recently undertook a series of economic reforms in order to regulate a market that has been severely weakened since the 2011 uprising. The uprising and the security gap that...

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  • Changes Expected to the Saudi Arabian Bankruptcy Law

    by Hesham Al Homoud -  - Riyadh, Saudi Arabic

    The proposed changes to the Saudi Arabian bankruptcy regime will provide the judiciary the right to obligate creditors to accept a settlement proposed by the debtor (the “new Law”).

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  • New Executive Regulations of the KSA Labour Law

    by Zahir Qayum -  - Riyadh, Saudi Arabia

    The Labour Law in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia has always been supplemented by secondary legislation. The most significant of these, the Executive Regulations promulgated by Ministerial Resolution...

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  • The New Trademarks Law in Bahrain: Increase in Fees for Trademark Registration

    by Diana Al Adel -  - Manama, Bahrain

    One of the subjects of note for lawyers, IP professionals and trademark owners recently is the noticeable increase in the official fees in relation to trademarks procedures in Bahrain; the increases...

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  • An Overview of the Issuing and Offering of Securities in Kuwait

    by El Hassan Abdelrazek -  - Kuwait City, Kuwait

    Driven by the need to diversify the State of Kuwait’s sources of income and the enhancement of its investment environment, Kuwait is currently witnessing substantial legislative and regulatory...

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  • Customs Law in Jordan

    by Ala’a Al Bataineh -  - Amman, Jordan

    The Jordanian Customs Department plays an important role in the enforcement of a protected right. Specifically, the Intellectual Property Unit within the Customs Department is the authority...

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  • Competitive Edge? Competition and Anti-Monopoly Law in Oman

    by Richard Baxter -  - Muscat, Oman

    The Sultanate’s nascent competition and anti-trust law has not yet been litigated or applied by way of enforcement action. That is no reason, however, for potential acquirers of business assets in...

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  • Qatar Stimulates TMT Sector Growth

    by Ahmed Jaafir & Tala Shomar -  /  - Doha, Qatar

    In line with Qatar National Vision 2030 and the hosting of the 2022 World Cup, Qatar has taken measures to stimulate many of its vital sectors by providing financial support and issuing related...

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  • An Insight into the Communication Sector in Iraq

    by Mustafa Muayad -  - Baghdad, Iraq

    The technology, media and telecommunications (“TMT”) sector is one of the fastest growing sectors in Iraq, which has opened doors to the investment projects, as it responds to global innovation and...

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  • Regulating App-based (e-hail) Taxi Services in Dubai

    by Bushra Abu Tayeh -  - Dubai, UAE

    E-hailing, which is a relatively new term, is defined as the process of ordering a car, taxi, limousine, or any other form of transportation pickup via one’s own mobile, tablet or computer.

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  • When Property, Technology, Media and Telecommunications Meet

    by Ronette Druskovich -  - Dubai, UAE

    Technology, media and telecommunications now affect almost every aspect of our lives.

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  • Crowdfunding Platforms in the UAE

    by Edward Brown -  - Dubai, UAE

    Crowdfunding has grown in both scope and popularity in recent years around the world and the UAE is no exception in this regard. However, unlike many other jurisdictions, there is no specific regime...

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  • The Importance of Expert Evidence in Disputes Involving Technology and Software Matters

    by Rami Abdellatif -  - Dubai, UAE

    The software and information technology services industry abounds with examples of companies that enter into commercial contracts for services related to software development, installation and...

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  • DIFC Court Judgment Enforced in Australia

    by Tarek Shrayh & Sana Saleem -  /

    In a landmark legal development, a judgment of the DIFC Courts has been recognised and enforced for the first time in a Western jurisdiction.

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  • YouTube Online Distribution Network

    by Fiona Robertson -  - Dubai, UAE

    The online distribution network YouTube was started on Valentine’s Day in 2005. In a short space of time, love for this platform has grown beyond the expectations of even the industry experts. ...

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  • Proposal to Support FinTechs within the ADGM

    by Eleonore Kressner & Andrew Fawcett -  /  - Abu Dhabi, UAE

    The Financial Services Regulatory Authority (“FSRA”) of the Abu Dhabi Global Market (“ADGM”) has circulated Consultation Paper No.2 of 2016 (the “Paper”) regarding policies to be introduced in a...

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  • A Free, Uncapped Update on TRA Regulation of Misleading Telecommunications Advertising in the UAE

    by Fiona Robertson & Andrew Fawcett -  /  - Dubai, UAE / Abu Dhabi, UAE

    Telecommunications advertising has great potential to misled consumers about the nature and characteristics of service plans, including the pricing.

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  • Dealing with Demurrage in the UAE

    by James Newdigate -  - Dubai, UAE

    Demurrage claims are an everyday battleground for vessel charterers and owners alike. Traditional arguments surrounding time calculations are routinely exchanged, for instance, suspension due to poor...

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  • EGYPTAIR Flight MS 804 Crash: Aftermath and Liability Regime

    by Vincent Coppinger -  - Dubai, UAE

    In our November 2015 edition we had the sad task of reporting on the loss of the Metrojet Airbus A329 aircraft in the Sinai desert on route from Sharm El Sheikh in Egypt to St. Petersburg in Russia...

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  • VAT Considerations for Commercial Contracts in the UAE

    by Adam Powell -  - Ras Al Khaimah, UAE

    The tax-free status of the countries within the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) is world renowned and a major draw for international corporations and foreign individuals alike, both of which are of...

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  • ESOPs in the UAE: A New Beginning?

    by Gordon Barr & Anna Marshall -  /  - Dubai, UAE

    While employee share option schemes (“ESOPs”) and other long term incentive plans (“LTIPs”) come in a variety of shapes and sizes, they all share the same essential purpose of retaining, rewarding...

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  • An Insight into the Newly-formed Dubai Economic Security Centre

    by Ibtissem Lassoued & Mohamed Eissa -  /  - Dubai, UAE

    The United Arab Emirates (“UAE”) has remained steadfast in its efforts to curb financial crime including bribery and corruption. This includes implementing relevant safeguards by means of laws to...

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  • An Overview of the UAE Insolvency Regime and its Effectiveness

    by Renata Rai & Yi Ling Wong -  /  - Dubai, UAE

    In these challenging economic times, some businesses are struggling to cope with financial pressures and financiers are concerned with their customers’ ability to service their financing...

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  • The New Abu Dhabi Fees Law and the Future of Litigation Funding in the UAE

    by Mohammed Al Marzouqi & Ayen Biar -  /  - Abu Dhabi, UAE

    On 3 October 2013, the Emirate of Abu Dhabi issued Law No. 6 of 2013 concerning the Judicial Fees payable in the emirate (“AD Fees Law”).The law, which came into force on 3 November 2013, regulates...

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  • Well-known Trademark: Bad Faith and Prior Use in the UAE

    by Munir Suboh & Rami Abdelatif -  /  - Dubai, UAE

    The United Arab Emirates Federal Supreme Court recently upheld important principles in relation to well-known trademark protection and elements; bad faith as a reason to lose ownership of a...

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  • The Dubai Courts Approach when Dealing with De Facto Companies

    by Ammar Haykal & Adnan Al Erqsousi -  /  - Sharjah, UAE / Ras Al Khaimah, UAE

    In a recent Dubai Court of Cassation decision (Property Appeal 454 of 2015, dated 13 April 2016), the court highlighted that in the absence of an agreement between shareholders that sets out the...

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  • Qatar Court of Cassation Finds Individual Company Members Can Represent Company

    by Hazem Hussien -  - Doha, Qatar

    The Qatar Court of Cassation issued an important judgment at the end of May 2016, when it ordered a Qatari bank to pay a Bahraini bank’s director and sub-committee members their bonus entitlements....

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  • Ship Arrests: The Enforceability of the Procedure in the UAE Maritime Commercial Law

    by Tariq Idais -  - Dubai, UAE

    In a recent Dubai Court judgment (case number 1677/2016 (Commercial)), a ship building company (the “Claimant”) brought a claim against a ship owning company (the “Defendant”). The Dubai Court of...

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