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  • Spread Betting: Debts Arising from Gambling Contracts are Uncollectable in the UAE

    by Sherif Hikal & Zane Anani -  /

    In a recent judgment by the Dubai Court of Appeal (No. 514 of 2014, dated 10 January 2015), the court examined whether a contract was a gambling contract and accordingly whether the debt that accrued...

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  • Part II: How does Bahrain’s Financial Regulatory Approach Compare with the Rest of the GCC?

    by Alastair Drummond - 

    The regulation of financial services in GCC countries takes different forms. Alone within the GCC Bahrain has opted for the unitary approach.

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  • The Power of Power of Attorneys in Abu Dhabi

    by Mohammed Al Marzouqi & Omar Khodeir -  /

    In the UAE, appointing any person to act on your behalf requires the formal delegation of your power to such a person.

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  • Project Finance Boosted by Effortless Pledge Enforcement

    by Ayman Salem - 

    Kuwait is currently in a position of adopting significant reform of most of its commercial legislation, particularly those related to the economy where there is a persistent need to find various...

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  • Succession Procedures and Creditors’ Rights

    by Sakshi Puri - 

    Succession process has always been an important issue for banks and financial institutions in the UAE holding the accounts of the deceased or such deceased being a creditor or guarantor of such bank...

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  • The New Electricity Law:

    by Bassam Moussa - 

    Major step Towards a Free and Competitive Electricity Market in Egypt

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  • Commercial Agency Registrations: What’s covered?

    by Robert Roberts - 

    A popular method of doing business in the UAE is through arrangements entered into with local, appropriately licensed, agents/distributors.

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  • Qatar: Insurers and Arbitration Clauses

    by Roy Georgiades - 

    Many insurance policies contain clauses that require disputes to be resolved by arbitration, rather than through the courts.

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  • Currency Support and Quality Importation Initiatives in Egypt

    by Mohamed Khodeir & Zeinab Shohdy -  /

    Rather than accept calls for devaluing the Egyptian Pound, the Central Bank of Egypt (“CBE”) and the Egyptian Government seem to have a different strategy to address pressure on the Egyptian Pound...

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  • Should you Mediate?

    by Robert Karrar-Lewsley - 

    When a dispute arises there are numerous methods that can be used to resolve it. If the parties are unable to agree a solution then they will need to go to a court or an arbitral tribunal which will...

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  • Using Dispute Adjudication Boards to Resolve Construction Disputes

    by Dean O'Leary - 

    The preferred method for resolving construction disputes in the region is arbitration.

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  • A New Seat is Born: Abu Dhabi Global Market Issues a UNCITRAL-based Arbitration Law

    by John Gaffney - 

    The ADGM Courts are broadly modeled on the English judicial system. English common law (including the rules and principles of equity) is directly applicable in ADGM.

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  • Clients, Contractors and Associated Liability Issues in Media and Events

    by Fiona Robertson - 
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  • Part Two: Telemedicine in the Gulf - Further Legal Issues

    by Andrea Tithecott & Christina Sochacki -  /

    This article is the second of two articles to explore the topic of eHealth - and in particular telemedicine services – in the Gulf countries. In this final instalment, Andrea and Christina consider...

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  • Gulf Airlines Competition Challenge by US and EU: The Legal Framework

    by Vincent Coopinger - 

    On the 7th of December 2015, the European Commission adopted and published a package of measures entitled “Aviation Strategy for Europe” with its accompanying stated intention being “to ensure that...

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  • GCC Unified Trademark Law: Key Provisions and Challenges

    by Omar Obeidat & Sadaf Nakhaei -  /

    Since 2007 there have been significant talks within the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) regarding the adoption of a unified trademark law.

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  • Strength of Trademarks

    by Sadaf Nakhaei - 

    When it comes to developing a brand, whether it is a new business or an existing business looking to roll out new products, service names or slogans, the underlying challenge of selecting a trademark...

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  • Upcoming Deadline to register as a Developer in Abu Dhabi

    by David Bowman & Maha Dahoui -  /

    On 1 January 2016, Law No. 3 of 2015 Regulating the Real Estate Sector in the Emirate of Abu Dhabi (the “Law”) came into effect. Developers now need to act swiftly to meet short deadlines imposed by...

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  • Enhanced Protection Against Financial Crimes

    by Ahmed Abdulshafe & Sharif Jamous -  /

    There is a well-known legal principle that ‘ignorance of the law excuses no one’, which means that a person who is unaware of a law may not escape liability for violating that law, on the basis of...

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  • To Pay or Not to Pay... That is the Question!

    by Rachel Hill - 

    The perils of failing to discharge an execution judgment issued by the UAE Labour Court

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