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December - January

  • Important Judgment on Contractual Preconditions to Arbitration in the UAE

    by Hassan Arab  - 

    The Dubai Court of Cassation in a recent ruling (Property Appeal Case No 75 of 2015, dated 12 August 2015) set out an important principle on the jurisdictional approach to the consequences of waiving...

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  • The New Jordanian Food Law

    by Murad Sawalha - 

    On 16 June 2015, the Food Law No. 30 of 2015 (the “Food Law”) was published in the official gazette issue No. 5345, replacing the Interim Food Control Law No. 79 of 2001.

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  • No Automatic Right to Compensation in the UAE for Illegal Administrative Decisions

    by Hassan El Tahir - 

    In a recent judgment by the Abu Dhabi Court of Appeal (Appeal No. 29 of 2014 dated 30 June 2014), the court considered whether an administrative decision that was affected by procedural...

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  • Public-Private Partnership Projects in Kuwait

    by Aaron Dikos  - 

    The Government of Kuwait has embarked on an ambitious program to promote collaboration between the public and private sectors to develop the infrastructure of Kuwait

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  • Dubai Court: Tenant Must Obtain Landlord’s Consent to Lease Assignment Despite No Express Contractual Obligation

    by Khaled Gamaleldeen & Fatma Moosa -  /

    Parties to contracts commonly believe that their obligations are restricted to those set out in their contract. However, the law also obliges them to perform the contract in accordance with the law...

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  • Part I: How does Bahrain’s Financial Regulatory Approach Compare with the Rest of the GCC?

    by Alastair Drummond  - 

    The regulation of financial services in GCC countries takes different forms. Alone within the GCC Bahrain has opted for the unitary approach.

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  • Qatar: Dispute Resolution Clauses and Foreign Governing Law in Facility Agreements

    by Hani Al Naddaf - 

    When entering into any contractual agreement, it is important to carefully consider the dispute resolution clause as this will determine where and how disputes will be heard.

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  • New Saudi Arabia Companies Law: Effective 2016

    by Francis Patalong  - 

    The announcement of a new Companies Law is significant news for existing and new investors in Saudi Arabia.

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  • What’s in a Name?

    by Fiona Robertson - 

    The announcement last month that internet giant, Google, would rebrand itself as Alphabet – becoming a new holding company whose largest wholly owned subsidiary is Google – came as a surprise to...

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  • The Urgent Case: A Little-Known Tool for Stealthy Contractual Parties in Qatar

    by Roy Georgiades & Zehra Manni -  /

    Parties to construction contracts in Qatar are increasingly relying on urgent cases to not only obtain official expert reports documenting the status of the works or project site, but also as a tool...

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  • European Court of Justice Decision Impacts on DIFC Data Protection

    A recent court decision in Europe regarding data protection has had a ripple effect around the world, even extending as far as the Dubai International Financial Centre (“DIFC”).

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  • Egypt Introduces for the First Time a Secured Transactions Law

    by Bassam Moussa  - 

    In 1971, three teachers who had pooled $1,350 to start a coffee store in Seattle needed additional capital to keep their business running.

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  • eHealth and Telemedicine in the Gulf: A Two-Part Guide

    by Andrea Tithecott & Christina Sochacki -  /

    In this first instalment of a two-part article on eHealth in the Gulf countries, we consider issues relating to telemedicine licensing.

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  • Design Protection… What Businesses Need to Know

    by Ahmad Saleh & Mariam Sabet -  /

    Design protection should form the crux of any business strategy.

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  • Renewal of Leases in Dubai: Insight for Landlords and Tenants

    by Malek Al Rifai - 

    It is not uncommon for landlords and tenants in Dubai to disagree on matters related to the renewal of their leases, and a substantial number of lawsuits lodged at the Rental Dispute Settlement...

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  • A Guide to Piracy Protection for Sports Broadcasting Rights-Holders in the UAE

    by Steve Bainbridge - 

    This article identifies the core elements of broadcast piracy in the United Arab Emirates (“UAE”), and considers some countermeasures being taken by the country to combat the problem.

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  • PPP’s in Dubai: A Chance to Innovate!

    by Scott Lambert & Zehra Manni -  /

    Dubai is seeking to encourage greater participation and investment by private establishments and companies in development projects in Dubai with its new law governing public-private partnerships (Law...

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  • Achieving Innovation through 3D Printing

    by Ahmad Saleh & Sadaf Nakhaei -  /

    Technological innovation is considered as a major force in any given economy.

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  • Advertising with Caution: Guidelines to Medical Advertising

    by Sadaf Nakhaei - 

    In the UAE, the medical profession and medical treatments and substances are regulated through a number of primary and secondary laws and regulations.

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  • Gulf Cooperation Council Countries Continue to Offer Favourable Environments for Foreign Investment

    by Gary Watts & Sarah Hasnani -  /

    The Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) countries continue to offer favourable environments for foreign investment.

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  • Egypt: Merger of Insurance Companies - Law and Practice

    by Zeinab Shohdy  - 

    The Egyptian Insurance Law No. 10 of 1981 (the “Insurance Law”) was issued more than three decades ago when the insurance sector and operations were not as sophisticated as we are currently...

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  • UAE Labour Market Reform Update: What Employers Need to Know

    by Sarah Anderson  - 
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  • Modern Slavery Act 2015: Regional Implications

    by Gordon Barr - 

    A global and regional problem

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