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  • Dubai Courts recall UK’s accession to NY Convention but forgets reservations

    by Hassan Arab / Dalal Al Houti -  /  - Dubai, UAE

    Earlier this year the Dubai Court of Appeal shocked the local and international legal community by refusing to enforce an English arbitral award on the grounds that it was not satisfied that the...

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  • Declaring a Debtor Bankrupt in the UAE

    by Naief Yahia / Zane Anani / Hussain Abdel Ghaffar -  / /  - Dubai, UAE

    A declaration of bankruptcy, according to Article 645 of the Commercial Transactions Law, can be imposed on any trader who ceases to pay some or all of its commercial debts. While a debtor’s...

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  • Enforcement of Foreign Awards in the UAE: Back on Track?

    by Hassan Arab / Dalal Al Houti -  /  - Dubai, UAE

    In recent years, arbitration in the UAE has experienced significant growth among domestic and international users. Whilst there is undoubtedly a positive trend in the use of arbitration as a...

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  • Pledge through DMCC Tradeflow Platform

    by Divya Abrol / Gaurav Jain -  /  - Dubai, UAE

    The Dubai Multi Commodities Centre (DMCC) was established in 2002, with a mandate to provide the physical, market and financial infrastructure required to set up a commodities market place in Dubai....

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  • Reducing Risk in Organising Major Sports Events in the UAE

    by Steve Bainbridge / Justin Carroll -  /  - Abu Dhabi, UAE / Dubai, UAE

    With Olympics fervor building as the start of the summer games in Rio de Janeiro approaches in August, it is timely to take a look at some of the risk management issues involved when organising...

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  • Trademark Ownership Structure in the UAE

    by Rasha Al Ardah  -  - Dubai, UAE

    Trademarks are exceptionally important and valuable perpetual assets and should always be treated as such. But who should be the owner of the trademark? While it may seem a straightforward question,...

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  • Employment Law Considerations for Education Providers in the UAE

    by Ivor McGettigan -  - Abu Dhabi, UAE

    There is a certain degree of predictability in relation to the human resources (“HR”) challenges facing education providers the world over. In the UAE, these challenges must be considered in the...

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  • Eureka! Monetising Research in the Education Sector

    by Ahmad Saleh -  - Dubai, UAE

    Academic research is primarily aimed at the advancement of knowledge, but significant and regular breakthroughs with an industrial or commercial dimension may present opportunities for researchers...

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  • The Development, Ownership and Operation Models for Private Sector Schools in the GCC

    by Jeremy Scott -  - Dubai, UAE

    The price of oil has challenged governments across the GCC to find new ways of balancing their budgets. Having the private sector involved in providing “public” type services such as education is one...

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  • The Gap between Education, Talent and Technology in the UAE

    by Eleonore Kressner -  - Abu Dhabi, UAE

    Depressed economic conditions resulting from low oil prices have highlighted the need for the Middle East to make an active effort to further diversify away from oil and into the technology, media...

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  • Vision 2030 and the Transformation of Education in Saudi Arabia

    by Francis Patalong -  - Riyadh, Saudi Arabia

    Saudi Arabia’s Vision 2030 (the “Vision”) and the National Transformation Program (“NTP”) which flows from it set out an ambitious road-map for education reform in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. The...

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  • Education within Egypt’s Reform Plans

    by Zeinab Shohdy -  - Cairo, Egypt

    The belief that comprehensive reform cannot be achieved without significant focus being directed educational reform was the driving force for the Egyptian government to divert its attention to major...

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  • Educational Developments in Oman

    by Ahmed Al Barwani -  - Muscat, Oman

    For the acceleration of the development of educational sector in Oman and in order to raise the quality of the level of education in Oman, there has been a need for the participation of private...

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  • Investing in Iran’s Education Sector

    by Hamid Mojtahedi -  - Dubai, UAE

    Iran sits at the cross roads of civilisations. Once the seat of the great Persian Empire with its rich, ancient and enchanting historical narrative, the country still retains a lasting allure. With a...

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  • The Development of Bahrain’s Education System

    by Foutoun Hajjar / Diana Al Adel -  /  - Manama, Bahrain

    In an ongoing bid to promote a shift from an oil to a knowledge based economy, it is not surprising that education was targeted as a key area of importance within the Bahraini Vision 2030. The...

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  • Bahrain Adopts New Measures For Businesses, Encouraging Enterprise and Investment

    by Raj Pahuja -  - Manama, Bahrain

    Bahrain is currently undertaking changes in relation to its companies law framework. A series of new laws and amendments to existing laws have been implemented over the last 12 months or so with the...

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  • The Importance of Opposing Trademark Applications in Bahrain

    by Diana Al Adel -  - Manama, Bahrain

    Opposing a trademark application is one of the most important and effective actions that can be taken to prevent the registration of an identical or a confusingly similar trademark, and it has...

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  • The New Saudi Companies Law: What You Need to Know

    by Jonathan Reardon -  - Riyadh, Saudi Arabia

    The new Saudi Companies Law came into effect on 2nd May 2016 (“the Effective Date”).

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  • Bonds and Sukuk Under the New CMA Regime in Kuwait

    by Abdullah Masud -  - Kuwait City, Kuwait

    Under Book 11, Kuwait’s new Capital Markets Authority (“CMA”) Bylaws provide the regulatory framework that governs bonds and sukuk. At the outset, it is important to note that chapter 7 of Book 11...

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