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  • Annulment of Arbitral Award against Egyptian Satirist Bassem Youssef

    by Ismail Selim - 

    Protecting freedom of expression or subtle censure of arbitral bias?

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  • United Arab Emirates: 25 Years of Change: Legal Developments in the UAE Since 1991

    by Robert Karrar-Lewsley / Zane Anani / Aruna Mukherji / David Bowman / Richard Catling / Izabella Szadkowska -  / / / / /

    Legislative changes in the UAE since 1991 have impacted almost every aspect of UAE life. Reviewing them not only allows us to appreciate the magnitude and scope of these changes, but also to...

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  • Right of Defence is Guaranteed by UAE Federal Supreme Court

    by Ahmed Abdulshafe - 

    The UAE Federal Supreme Court recently issued a judgment confirming that an accused person’s right of defence must be respected by the UAE Courts.

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  • Limiting Liability Against Harm in Sporting Events

    by Adam Powell - 

    The sports and leisure events market appears to continue to proliferate in the United Arab Emirates, hosting an established array of internationally recognised events such as the Dubai Rugby Sevens,...

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  • DFSA’s Decision on MAS Clearsight: A Review

    by Michael Dalby - 

    One of the important things about DFSA disciplinary decisions is that they provide an insight into the DFSA’s view of how particular rules work and what they mean.

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  • Redundancy: GCC Considerations

    by Mandeep Kalsi - 

    Economic growth in the six GCC member states (UAE, KSA, Qatar, Kuwait, Bahrain and Oman) generally decelerated in 2015 in the light of lower oil prices, heightened geopolitical threats and the global...

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  • Data Collection by the Dubai Government and the Regulation of Survey Firms

    by Nick O’Connell  - 

    The Dubai Statistics Centre (‘’DSC’’), a public entity established in 2006, is responsible for surveys and statistics in the Emirate of Dubai. Law No.28 of 2015 Concerning the Dubai Statistics Centre...

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  • A Quick Guide to the New Abu Dhabi Strata Law

    by Ronette Druskovich - 
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  • Watching the Watchmen: The requirement for and regulation of CCTV and other monitoring and control devices in Abu Dhabi

    by Andrew Fawcett - 

    Three government officials in Abu Dhabi have recently been prosecuted for invading the privacy of their female co-workers by placing CCTV cameras in an Al Ain workplace.

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  • An Insight Into the New Iraqi Labour Law

    by Hayder Jawad & Mustafa Muayad -  &

    The Iraqi Parliament has issued the new Iraqi Labour Law No, 37 of 2015 (“New Labour Law”), which entered into force on 7 February 2016.

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  • URS: A Cheap and Fast Way to Combat Cyber Squatting?

    by Stephen Jiew - 

    This article considers the merits of a new tool in the effort to combat cyber squatting.

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  • Capital Gains Tax Issues in Qatar

    by Frank Lucente & Nicola De Sylva -  /

    There have been some recent developments in Qatar in relation to the interpretation and practical application of taxation of capital gains.

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  • An Overview of IP Laws in Egypt

    by Munir Suboh & Hassane Hassan -  /

    Part 1: Trademarks

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  • New Kuwait Trademark Registration Procedures

    by Ahmed El Klatawy - 

    The Kuwaiti Minister of Commerce and Industry has recently issued a new regulation that introduces changes to the trademark application, examination, publication and registration procedures, and...

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  • Reaching a Consensus on Aviation Emissions

    by Vincent Coopinger - 

    A Crucial Phase

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  • 100% Corporate Ownership in Oman?

    by Arif Mawany - 
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  • Two-stage Tendering and GMPs

    by Euan Lloyd - 

    A Few Things to Know

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  • An Interview with Essam Al Tamimi: How Al Tamimi’s Newsletter Evolved with the Legal Landscape it Represents

    To celebrate 25 years of Law Update, this month we interviewed Essam Al Tamimi, the man behind the firm and the newsletter to find out more about how it all started.

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  • Bahrain: 25 Years in the Making

    by Foutoun Hajjar & Dana Al Ghareeb  -  /

    Transforming a Vision into an Economic Reality

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  • Egypt: Legislative Changes - The Search for Inclusive Development

    by Mohammed Khodeir & Zeinab Shohdy -  /
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  • Kuwait: Adapting to Change

    by Alex Saleh - 

    The Amir of Kuwait’s Vision 2035 is aimed at transforming Kuwait into a financial and economic hub both in the region and globally.

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  • Oman: 25 Years of Progress

    by Arif Mawany - 

    The legislative change in Oman during the last 25 years has been immense.

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  • Qatar Laws Enter a New Century

    by Stephen Lansdown & Tala Shomar -  /

    Qatar has the third largest known gas reserves in the world, and also significant oil reserves.

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  • Saudi Arabia: The History of Foreign Investment

    by Grahame Nelson & Sumit Soni -  / &

    For potential foreign investors used to 24-hour incorporations and straightforward access to equity capital markets, the challenges of entering and operating in the Saudi Arabian market can appear...

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