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  • Cyber Crimes: Fighting unlawful immitation and fraudulent schemes

    by Omar Khodeir - 

    Many individuals get emails from people claiming that they need assistance in investing or accessing funds that they hold, or that the person receiving the email has won a lottery and needs to pay...

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  • Middle East meets West: Where is the line between relationship-building and bribery?

    by Andrew Hudson - 

    When does an internship cost $14.8 million? When it constitutes bribery of a foreign official in violation of the U.S. Foreign Corrupt Practices Act (“FCPA”)

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  • UAE Courts’ interpretation of the jurisdiction of the Commercial Agencies Committee extends to include third parties

    by Zafer Oghli & Marwa El Mahdy -  /

    The UAE Federal Law no. 18 of 1981 as amended by Law no. 2 of 2010 (the “Law”) regulates the subject of Commercial Agencies and explicitly confer the jurisdiction over any dispute that arises in...

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  • Letters of Intent in the UAE: Handle with care!

    by Kanishka Singh - 
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  • New UAE Law against hate crimes and discrimination

    by Omar Khodeir - 

    Given the UAE’s cosmopolitan nature, it is commonplace for those residing in the country to have opposing views and beliefs.

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  • Using venue access to control coverage of sporting events

    by Fiona Robertson - 

    Large sporting events such as this years Rugby World Cup generate a great deal of coverage in the media, including stills, clips, information and trivia relating to games, team progress, players,...

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  • How to benefit from trademark protection before the Dubai Department of Economic Development (DED)

    by Ahmad Zaza - 

    There are various avenues for enforcing trademarks.

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  • An analysis: Overtime provisions in Egypt

    by Salma Basset - 

    Most of the conditions in Egypt in respect of working hours are in general moderate and efficient.

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  • 3D Trademarks in the UAE

    by Mohammed Ali  - 

    Trademark infringement is a never ending concern for businesses in countries around the world, and the UAE is no different.

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  • Property Development in Bahrain – Licences and Escrow Accounts

    by Alastair Drummond - 
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  • Factoring arrangements in the United Arab Emirates

    by Patrick Slater & Ashish Banga -  /

    Factoring is one of the oldest forms of financing and is still relevant to almost all businesses across the globe.

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  • Insight into the New Jordanian Investment Law

    by Hanin Abu Ghazaleh - 

    Recently, during the World Economic Forum on Middle East and North Africa, held in Jordan, Prime Minister Abdullah Ensour made a presentation regarding the new Jordanian Investment Law Number 30 for...

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  • Development of a Jurisdiction: An update on the DIFC Courts

    by Robert Maxwell Marsh & Fatima Ali Alnumairy -  /

    In the decade since their establishment, the DIFC Courts have become a fundamental feature of the legal landscape in Dubai, the UAE, the GCC and beyond.

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  • Choice of law and jurisdiction provisions in the UAE

    by John Gaffney - 

    This article will briefly discuss choice of law and jurisdiction provisions in international and local contractual relationships in the UAE.

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  • What is a Jebel Ali Free Zone Offshore Company?

    by Panagiotis Dermatis - 

    Incorporation of entities in JAFZ

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  • Limits to Liability under Montreal 1999 in the UAE

    by Bushra Abu Tayeh - 

    Carriage by air is governed by local laws and international treaties and is usually supplemented by the provisions of each airline’s conditions of carriage for passengers and baggage.

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  • The Future of the UAE Maritime Industry

    by Omar Omar - 

    The UAE is the Maritime flagship for the Middle East. This is why many international maritime conferences choose the UAE as their venue, including annual events by Sea Trade, Lloyds, and BIMCO.

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  • UAE insurance law update

    by Justin Carroll - 

    Proposed Changes to Corporate Ownership

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  • ADGM real property regulations and strata title regulations

    by David Bowman - 

    Following our article in the August 2015 issue of Law Update on the Real Property Regulations and Strata Title Regulations recently implemented by Abu Dhabi Global Market (“ADGM”), this article will...

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  • The New Anti-Discrimination Law: Will it impact the workplace?

    by Anna Marshall - 

    Overview of the new legislation

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  • Electronic signatures in the UAE

    by Sana Saleem - 

    The use of electronic signatures in the UAE has, thus far, been less widespread than in the US and Europe.

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  • Abu Dhabi Global Market: Public consultation on data protection

    by Nick O' Connell - 

    Al Tamimi recently had the opportunity to participate in a round of public consultations on the draft regulations to the newly established Abu Dhabi Global Market (“ADGM”).

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