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  • The liability of medical laboratories before the UAE Courts: A case study

    by Ahmed Allouz & Hiam Al Muhtadi -  /

    Medical malpractice claims before the UAE judicial authorities can be daunting for healthcare professionals, particularly expatriate doctors who are not familiar with the court system and the federal...

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  • Saudi Arabia: Registration of security interests

    by Glenn Lovell & Ahmed Mahomed -  /

    No time limit has been specified for registration of a security interest once that interest has been created.

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  • The right to retain a deposit in Dubai

    by Maher Al Nashar & Zane Anani -  /

    In a recent judgment by the Dubai Court of Cassation (Commercial Appeal No.15 of 2014, dated 14 September 2014), the Court had to consider the difference between a deposit and an advance.

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  • Sweeping changes to employment relations in the Kingdom: An overview of the amendments to the KSA Labour Law

    by Zahir Qayum - 

    The Resolution approving the amendments to the Labour Law first announced by the Ministry of Labour (“MOL”) on 5th April 2015 (Resolution No. 258)...

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  • The legal possession of weapons in the UAE

    by Andrea Tithcott & Omar Khodeir -  /

    In some countries, the law permits a person to possess a weapon for safety and protection or for leisure pursuits.

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  • Qatar: Proposed amendments to the public tender rules

    by Zehra Manni - 
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  • Dubai court judgment on meaning of ‘countersignatory’ in shipping contracts

    by Omar Omar & Saif Al Mobideen -  /

    In the September 2014 edition of Law Update we wrote on article describing how the Dubai Court of Appeal had recognized a foreign arbitral award made against a countersignatory to a charterparty.

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  • The need for ministerial approval for arbitral agreements in Egyptian administrative contracts

    by Ismail Selim - 
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  • Merger Formula in the UAE: Can the market decide?

    by Jiwon Ha - 

    On 26th May 2015 Cheil Industries (“Cheil”) and Samsung C&T Corporation (“Samsung C&T”) announced proposals for the acquisition of Samsung C&T by Cheil by way of an all-shares merger.

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  • Real Estate Mortgages in the DIFC

    by Gaurav Jain & Divya Abrol -  /

    The Dubai International Financial Centre (“DIFC”) has its own legal system and courts distinct from those of the United Arab Emirates (“UAE”).

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  • Post-revolution investment initiatives in Egypt

    by Nadine Khaled  - 

    Egypt has become a magnet for foreign investment. It boasts numerous advantages: a strategic location; low labour costs; and moderate weather and tourism.

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  • Succession Planning: The case for private interest foundations

    by Alyzeh Zahid - 

    ‘Succession Planning’ is a term now trending in the Middle East.

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  • We should be proud of the UAE’s achievements in empowering women

    by Essam Al Tamimi - 

    The subject of women in the workplace is not a new one.

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  • A New York Convention for mediation may be coming soon

    by Laila El Shentenawi - 

    Mediation is an alternative dispute resolution (“ADR”) mechanism, in which a neutral person actively assists parties in working towards a negotiated agreement to settle their disputes or differences....

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  • A checklist for what you need for an enforceable UAE Arbitral Award

    by Robert Karrar-Lewsley & Dalal Al Houti -  /

    Most arbitral awards are either complied with or form the basis of an amicable settlement.

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  • ADGM Real Property Regulations

    by David Bowman - 

    Abu Dhabi Global Market (“ADGM”) has published a range of regulations that apply to all those operating and owning property on Al Maryah Island, including Real Property Regulations (“Property...

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  • Online listing of property for holiday lets in Dubai: Key considerations

    by Malek Al Rifai - 

    Perhaps one of the most salient features of the global real estate market over the past years is the surge in private holiday lets.

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  • Copyright, Collection Societies and all that jazz: A review of public performance of music in the UAE

    by Fiona Robertson - 

    We have recently seen another influx of letters being sent to local UAE entities regarding the use of music, and in particular the collection of public performance royalties.

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  • Data breach notification requirements in the DIFC

    by Nick O' Connell - 

    Data breaches relating to credit card details, customer data and commercial data make news headlines all too often.

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  • How to identify and protect key information known as trade secrets

    by Sadaf Nakhaei - 

    Trade secrets are identified as information that is unique and valuable to a business and not known or easily ascertainable to individuals outside the business.

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  • Intellectual Property Audits: Know your IP assets to effectively manage them

    by Rasha Al Ardah - 

    Intellectual property (“IP”) assets are increasingly becoming the most valuable assets of all large, medium and small businesses.

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