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  • Abu Dhabi judgment on damaged to shipped goods

    by Tarek Idais - 

    This article gives an overview of a recent lawsuit that was brought by an insurer (“Plaintiff”) against a vessel (“First Defendant”), the owners of the vessel (the “Second and the Third Defendants”)...

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  • The UAE and 5G Mobile: Evolution or Revolution?

    by Chris Appleby - 

    The UAE’s leadership in the global telecommunications stakes bodes well for the future of mobile telephony.

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  • Dubai Courts hold that delay in handover can trigger termination

    by Rami Abdellatif  - 

    Many off plan development projects have faced serious delays as a result of problems arising from the global financial crisis.

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  • Margin Trading introduced in the Qatari Market

    by Sarah El Serafy - 

    The Qatar Financial Markets Authority (the “QFMA”) has issued rules on margin trading on 10 September 2014 (the “Margin Trading Rules”).

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  • UAE preparing for the era of Nuclear Power Supply: Introduction to the UAE Federal Nuclear Regulatory Regime

    by Jongeun Lee (Christina) - 

    UAE prepares for Nuclear Power Supply by 2017

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  • Governing Compensation: The New CBB Remuneration Rules in Bahrain

    by Foutoun Hajjar - 

    It is widely believed that one of the contributing factors to the global financial crisis during 2008 was the unfettered and inflated remuneration schemes adopted by many of the leading global...

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  • Establishing innovation-based commercial entities in Dubai

    by Samer Qudah / Ahmad Saleh / Noff Al-Khafaji -  / /

    Innovation is the catalyst for economic growth and development.

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  • Prepayment of Shariah: Compliant Direct Investment Deposits in Kuwait

    by Hamzah Al Shammaa - 

    Use of Islamic Instruments to provide individuals substitute forms of financing has surged over the past decade.

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  • Strategies for Brand Owners in Cyberspace

    by Stephen Jiew  - 

    Brand owners need to protect themselves in cyberspace.

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  • Construction Contracts and Jordanian Law

    by Maria Mazzawi - 

    International construction contracts should aim to set out the framework of the relationship between two (or more) parties, each party’s respective obligations and the available remedies and rights...

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  • Acquiring and merging Retail Pharmacies in the UAE: Legal Issues

    by Malack El Masry - 

    Healthcare is a hot industry in the M&A market and there is considerable interest in pharmacy businesses generally and specifically in the establishment of regional chains through acquisition and...

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  • Advancements in Kuwait’s vow to Protect Brand Owners  

    by Tarek Abu Mariam - 

    Kuwait appoints Intellectual Property Protection Committee

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  • What next for the healthcare sector?                                  

    by Andrea Tithecott  - 

    A post-Arab Health Conference update

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  • An Overview of the draft Arbitration Law in Qatar

    by Dr. Hazem Hussien - 

    Qatar has witnessed very significant accomplishments within the last ten years in the direction of updating and modifying its national laws in the field of international commercial arbitration.

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  • Arbitrating Construction Disputes in the UAE: The Process from Start to End

    by Dean O'Leary - 

    So you have taken your claim through the prescribed contractual procedures to try and resolve it amicably but this has failed.

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  • IOC Agenda 2020: Strategic Roadmap for a Joint Abu Dhabi/Dubai Olympic Bid?

    by Steve Bainbridge - 

    In early December 2014 in an extraordinary session, the International Olympic Committee (the “IOC”) met in Monaco.

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  • Designing with Confidence in the UAE: Do you have the right insurance?

    by Kanishka Singh - 

    UAE law generally does not require a designer to have insurance cover.

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  • New leasing framework in Bahrain

    by Sonia Harvey - 

    Bahrain Law No. 27 of 2014 ‘Issuing the Property Lease Law’ (the “Property Lease Law”) was published on 7 August 2014 and came into force on 7 February 2015 (the “Effective Date”).

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  • Foreigners can own usufruct right for 100 Years in Sharjah

    by Abdullah Khaled - 

    On 16 November 2014, H.H. Sultan bin Mohammed Al Qasimi, the Crown Prince in the Emirate of Sharjah, issued Executive Council Resolution No. 26 of 2014 Concerning the Usufruct of Real Estate...

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  • The DIFC Netting Law

    by Cherry Turcal - 

    On 14 December 2014 the DIFC Law No. 2 of 2014, or the “Netting Law of 2014” (the “Law”), came into force as a law in the Dubai International Financial Centre (“DIFC”) following its enactment on 7...

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  • The UAE Commercial Companies Law in its final stage

    by Essam Al Tamimi - 

    The UAE Commercial Companies Law, which was enacted first in 1984 but only came into enforcement in 1991, has gone through a number of changes and amendments in the last 15 years.

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  • Corporate Criminal Liability in UAE: What You Should Know

    by Andrew Hudson & Omar Khodeir -  /

    In the right (or wrong) circumstances, companies may be subject to criminal liability in the UAE.

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