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  • Cleaning up Sport: The growing use of employee informants

    by Ivor McGettigan - 

    The tsunami that hit FIFA in Zurich a few weeks ago has brought back to the surface several interesting questions in relation to whistle-blowing/employee informants and the long reach of the US...

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  • Saudi Stock Market Opens for Foreign Investment

    by Glenn Lovell & Ahmed Mahomed -  /

    With a market valuation in the region of USD575 Billion, the government of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia (“KSA”) has for quite some time explored methods of improving stability in the Gulf’s largest...

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  • Tourist Industry Licensing in Qatar

    by Samy El Sheikh - 

    Even before its successful FIFA World Cup bid, Qatar had planned a major infrastructure programme.

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  • Pensions in the UAE

    by Natalie Jones - 

    It is becoming increasingly likely that state pension schemes in many countries around the world will fail to adequately support growing and longer-living populations.

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  • Abu Dhabi Global Market - The new employment horizon

    by Ivor McGettigan - 

    Abu Dhabi Global Market (“ADGM”), the UAE’s latest financial free zone, unveiled its draft employment regulations (“Regulations”) in January.

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  • UAE new Commercial Companies Law: Developments relevant to financial institutions

    by Arina Gidwani & Renata Rai -  /

    UAE Federal Law No. 2 of 2015 (“New Law”) governing commercial companies in the UAE was recently enacted, being published in the Federal Gazette dated 31 March 2015.

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  • Abu Dhabi Court of Cassation addresses the arbitrability of real estate disputes

    by Hassan Arab & Dalal Al Houti -  /

    In recent years, the UAE property market has experienced significant changes due to the enactment of new laws regulating the registration of off-plan property sales.

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  • Oman’s new takeover regime

    by Arif Mawany - 

    The Capital Market Authority of Oman (“CMA”) has published draft legislation governing the takeover of publicly listed Omani companies (“the Rules”).

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  • Medical peer review in UAE Civil proceedings: A case study

    by Ahmed Allouz & Hiam Al Muhtadi -  /

    Medical malpractice claims can be pursued against doctors and hospitals by filing a medical complaint at the appropriate health authority (the “Regulator”), filing a civil case before the UAE court...

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  • Egypt after the new Suez Canal

    by Mohamed Khodeir  - 

    To kick-start mega development projects in Egypt, the Egyptian government is using one of Egypt’s cornerstone resources as a starting point: the Suez Canal, known as the New Suez Chanel Project. The...

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  • Annulment of a brokerage contract does not preclude the court from compensating the broker

    by Rami Abdellatif  - 

    In a recent judgment, (Dubai Court of Cassation Case No. 40/2013 (Civil)), the Court decided that the annulment of a brokerage contract for non-fulfilment of formalities, such as being made in...

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  • Egypt fighting corruption: A new law on civil service

    by Ayman Nour - 

    For several decades, Egypt has been shouldering a great weight slowing its growth and development.

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  • Iran Sanctions: Wait and see, but do wait!

    by Ibtissem Lassoued - 

    Given the proximity of Iran to the Middle Eastern Countries, the prospect of business opportunities in Iran is attractive to many investors in the Region.

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  • Qatar: Wage payment protection

    by Ahmed Jaafir  - 

    Earlier this year Qatar amended certain important provisions of its labour laws.

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  • Dual listing on the Egyptian and Dubai Stock Exchanges

    by Izabella Szadkowska & Ehab Taha -  /

    Listing shares on more than one exchange and making them available to investors on a number of trading platforms (‘dual listing’) allows investors to access the shares in different jurisdictions and...

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  • Nominee arrangements as alternatives to mortgaging of securities

    by Paul Saba - 

    In the context of lenders providing facilities to local Kuwaiti borrowers, often such facilities are secured and collateralized with some assets in favour of the lender.

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  • The legislative view on dishonoured cheques in the UAE: Has the status changed in the last seven years?

    by Essam Al Tamimi - 

    Under Article 401 of the Penal Code of the UAE Federal Penal Code which was enacted in 1987, dishonoured cheques continue to be a crime under the UAE law.

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  • How to structure your ownership of real estate property in Dubai?

    by Aruna Mukherji - 

    A person’s or company’s entitlement to own real property in the Emirate of Dubai depends on the nationality of the proposed owner and the location of the property.

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  • UAE: Capacity of companies’ representatives to agree on arbitration

    by John Gaffney & Omar Khodeir -  /

    The new UAE Commercial Companies Law will enter into force this Summer. The new law has significant ramifications for how a UAE Public Joint Stock Company (“PJSC”) can bind itself to an arbitration...

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  • The reality of TV contestant releases in the UAE

    by Fiona Robertson - 

    The television program ‘The X Factor’ was cancelled in the USA in 2014. But, in the legal world, the program has just scored a second lease of life.

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  • Is it a bird? is it a plane? Drones in the UAE

    by Sana Saleem - 

    Recent local media coverage of ‘unmanned aerial vehicles’ or ‘drones’ gives the impression that everyone in the UAE either has one or wants one.

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  • How exempt are major industry sectors from the UAE Competition Law?

    by Andrew Fawcett - 

    Certain significant UAE industry sectors, such as telecommunications, are expressly excluded from the UAE’s competition law.

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  • How to protect copyright over the internet

    by Nour Kanawati - 

    The modern age of high speed broadband internet and the ease of uploading and downloading videos has made it extremely easy to pirate any number of television shows and movies, whether decades old or...

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  • UAE says no to corruption

    by Andrew Hudson & Mohamed Abdelrehiem -  /

    Although crimes that constitute corruption are already penalised under existing UAE law (the UAE Federal Penal Code contains anti-bribery provisions and the Federal Human Resources Law also contains...

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