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  • Regulation of Hotel Establishments and Holiday Homes: New Fees and Fines

    by Malek Al Rifai - 

    On 7 December 2014, the Executive Council of Dubai (“EC”) passed Resolution Nos. 48 and 49 of 2014 (the “New Resolutions”) introducing a new set of fees and fines covering, respectively, Hotel...

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  • Marketing Foreign Property in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia?

    by Daniel Goodwin - 

    As the largest economy in the region and with year on year stable growth in GDP, the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia (“KSA”) is increasingly being seen as a fertile source of potential buyers of real estate...

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  • Using Mediation to Resolve Sports Related Disputes

    by Niall Clancy - 

    Businesses, officials, coaches and athletes have traditionally turned to litigation and arbitration as the first resort when negotiations become deadlocked.

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  • Factoring and Invoice Discounting: Law and Practice in Qatar

    by Rafiq Jaffer - 
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  • Using data for better healthcare in Abu Dhabi and Dubai

    by Nick O' Connell - 

    A modern healthcare system requires reliable data, and clear standards and procedures for using and transferring such data.

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  • UAE Officials declare 2015 “Year of Innovation”

    by Omar Obeidat & Ahmad Saleh  -  /

    The UAE Government declared 2015 “Year of Innovation” and announced a new National Innovation Strategy with the aim of becoming one among the most innovative nations in the world within a 7-year...

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  • Contractual compensation: An Iraqi law perspective

    by Jawad Khalaf - 

    Given the complexity of the issues relating to compensation as a remedy for breach of contract, Iraqi law, namely the Iraqi Civil Code no. 40 of 1951...

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  • Business Conditions in the Arabian Gulf

    by Gary Watts, Grahame Nelson & Alex Saleh -  / /

    Economic growth and favourable demographics are driving M&A

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  • A Look at Non-Conventional Trademarks

    by Mohammed Ali  - 

    The term “trademark” normally refers to a conventional set of marks (e.g. letters, numerals, words, logos, pictures, symbols, or combinations of one or more of these elements) provided...

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  • The Use of Emergency Arbitrator Procedures in the UAE: Some Practical Considerations

    by Mohammed Al Marzouqi & John Gaffney -  /

    One of the defining features of recent revisions of leading institutional arbitration rules has been the introduction of Emergency Arbitrator procedures.

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  • Comfort, not hope: How banks can sleep well at night

    by Mark Brown - 

    One month into the New Year much good news has been released about the UAE banking sector.

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  • Taxing Times: Does the UAE remain unaffected?

    by Surabhi Singhi Kataria - 

    Tax planning has always been a topic of international debate and adjudication.

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  • Dubai Court Judgment Concerning Severability and Public Policy in Arbitral Awards

    by Hassan Arab - 

    For the past two years, the Dubai Court of Cassation has issued a series of rulings concerning the limit of arbitrators to deal with matters of public policy.

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  • What makes a fit out contract ‘fit for purpose’?

    by Euan Lloyd - 

    First impressions are important – they can only be made once.

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  • Enhancing Corporate Governance Controls

    by Dana AbdulJaleel - 

    Adequate corporate governance controls are particularly important in the banking sector...

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  • Is 2015 The Year of Foreign Investment in Kuwait?

    by Sonia Salah - 

    On 14 December 2014 Kuwait issued the Executive Regulations of Law No. 116 of 2013 regarding the Promotion of Direct Investment in the State of Kuwait (the “Executive Regulations”).

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  • Abu Dhabi Court of Cassation Judgment on Liquidated Damages Clauses after Termination

    by El Ameir Noor & Ahmed Ghoneim -  /

    It is an established principle of UAE Courts of Cassation that the termination of any contract means that the primary obligation...

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  • Decision to allow GCC companies to conduct business in Qatar without a Qatari partner

    by Ahmed El Amoury - 

    A recent decision from Qatar’s highest court, the Court of Cassation, may prove to have significant implications on doing business in Qatar.

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  • Abu Dhabi Global Market: The new employment horizon

    by Ivor McGettigan - 

    Abu Dhabi Global Market (“ADGM”), the UAE’s latest financial free zone, unveiled its draft employment regulations (“Regulations”) in January.

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  • Lights. Camera. Action. Things to know about filming in Dubai

    by Anita Siassios - 

    From the glittering night lights to the serene desert landscape, it is easy to see how Dubai can appeal to film and television producers.

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