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  • UAE Courts on the Signing of Arbitral Awards

    by Hassan Arab - 

    It is generally recognized that one of the major benefits of arbitration is the flexibility of the proceedings in comparison to court-based litigation.

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  • Public–Private Partnership in Jordan

    by Murad Sawalha - 

    A public–private partnership (“PPP”), sometimes referred to as P3, is a government service or private business venture which is funded and operated through a partnership of the government and one or...

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  • Milestones to sports ADR in Jordan

    by Kais Zayadin - 

    The Jordan Football Association (“JFA”) is the official body governing football in Jordan...

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  • UAE Competition Law: New Regulations Issued

    by Marcus Wallman - 

    The UAE has had a competition law in force since 23 February 2013.

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  • Stamping out bribery & corruption: An Oman perspective

    by Arif Mawany & Andrew Hudson -  /

    In 2014, the business community in Oman was shaken by the sudden surge in criminal prosecutions brought against senior executives and government officials for corruption.

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  • New Commercial Anti-Fraud Law in Bahrain

    by Munir Suboh & Saad Al Doseri -  /

    The legislator in Bahrain has recently passed several new regulations and amendments in a bid to strengthen its commercial anti-fraud laws.

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  • Social Media and the Challenges for Law Firms

    by Essam Al Tamimi - 

    Is the lawyer of yesterday good for tomorrow?

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  • Navigating the Rules for Publishing a Magazine in Kuwait

    by Omar Handoush & Sadallah Ali -  /

    This article provides a brief overview of the legal considerations that need to be evaluated with regard to publishing and distributing a magazine in Kuwait.

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  • Amendments to the UAE Civil Procedures Law

    by Taiba Al Safar / Marwa El Mahdy -  /

    UAE President Sheikh Khalifa Bin Zaid Al Nahyan has issued Federal Law no. 10 of 2014 (the “New Law”) which amended several articles of Federal Law no. 11 of 1992 (the UAE Civil Procedures Law).

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  • New Commercial Registration Rules in Qatar

    by Seem Maleh - 

    This article identifies imminent changes to the Qatar Commercial Registration Law No. 25 of 2005.

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  • Arresting vessels in Kuwait

    by Ahmed Rezeik - 

    The Kuwaiti legislature has set out the mechanism for the precautionary arrest of vessels, in the Kuwaiti Maritime Trade Law.

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  • The Importance of As-Built Programmes in Construction Disputes

    by Dean O'Leary - 

    It is trite that many projects in the UAE are completed late.

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  • Turmoil following OW Bunker’s insolvency

    by Zeina Wakim - 

    OW Bunker, one of the world’s major bunker suppliers and traders, and one of the largest companies in Denmark in terms of revenue, has filed for in-court restructuring for major parts of its...

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  • Introducing the Dubai Design District & Dubai Fashion and Design Council

    by Panagiotis Dermatis & Omer Khan  -  /

    Announced in June 2013, Dubai Design District (“d3”) is the latest addition to Dubai’s free zone jurisdictions.

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  • Trade Names vs Trademarks: Curbing the Conflicts in the UAE

    by Omar Obeidat  - 

    It was not a great surprise for an owner of a five-star-plus well-known hotel brand to find its UAE-registered trademark misappropriated by a two-star hotel in Dubai enjoying a trade name...

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  • Bahrain: Penalties for carrying out Unlicensed Financial activities now include jail time

    by Saad Al Doseri - 

    HM King Hamad Bin Isa Al-Khalifa has recently ratified Law No. 48/2014 (the “New Law”) amending certain provisions of the Penal Code of Bahrain (Legislative Decree No. 15/1976) (the “Penal Code”).

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  • From local to global:

    by Sadaf Nakhaei & Manel Ben Said -  /

    The legal aspect of growing your Brand - Part 1

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  • Branded residences and rental pool arrangements in Dubai

    by  Lada Shelkovnikova - 

    Investment into branded residences with rental pool arrangements is becoming an increasingly popular investment vehicle in Dubai.

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  • From local to global:

    by Rasha Al Ardah & Mariam Sabet -  /

    The legal aspect of growing your Brand - Part 2

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  • Amendments to Insurance Law in Oman

    by Ahmed Al Barwani - 

    In an attempt to improve the efficiency of the insurance sector (“Sector”) and improve the quality of the insurance services and products offered to consumers by underwriting new risks...

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  • Decennial liability in the UAE – a commentary

    by Justin Ede - 

    In this article, we review the current law in the UAE relating to the subject of decennial liability, which remains a topic that all employers, contractors and consultants need to be fully conversant...

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  • Shifting Sands: Negotiating Risk For Ground Conditions

    by Niall Clancy - 

    To minimise the risk of hotly contested and expensive disputes arising from subsurface conditions, parties entering into construction contracts should review and consider how that risk is allocated...

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  • The different property rights available to investors in Dubai

    by Aruna Mukherji - 


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  • Financial Institutions: Obligations under the new AML Law

    by Alex Peng Shi & Mark Brown -  /

    The UAE has now passed a new anti-money laundering law.

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  • Is Backdating Legal?

    by Stephen Forster - 

    I am sure that from time to time we have all come across the vexed question of backdating documents.

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  • Averting a Spectrum Shortage in the GCC

    by Andrew Fawcett - 

    Demand for wireless spectrum capacity in GCC countries is predicted to continue to increase at a very high growth rate as more people use smartphones and other devices on wireless networks.

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