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  • Managing your TM portfolio in the Middle East

    by Omar Obeidat  - 

    Do you really need an experienced trademark attorney to manage your trademark portfolio in the Middle East?

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  • Landmark Dubai Decision in Border Measures: Recycling Counterfeit Goods Instead of Re-exporting

    by Munir Suboh - 

    During the last three years, when counterfeit goods are found in Dubai, the decisions by Customs is to re-export them back to where they came from.

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  • Setting up in Dubai?

    by Samer Qudah - 

    Dubai is a city with a diverse and vibrant culture. With an economy historically built on the oil industry, Dubai’s main revenues come from tourism, trade, avaiation, real estate and financial...

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  • National Insurance Protection Extension System for Kuwaitis Working in one of the Gulf Cooperation States

    by Esier Kim - 

    The compulsory contribution made by a Gulf Cooperative Council for Arab Countries (“GCC”) national from his or her salary to their national pension insurance may be an employee’s largest asset.

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  • REITs in Kuwait

    by Ayman Salem - 

    As we witness a global economy recovery after a painful financial crisis starting in 2008, it is evident that real estate sector is currently considered as one of the most influential factors in the...

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  • Arbitration in Kuwait: Time for Reform?

    by Dalal Al Houti - 

    Arbitrating in the Gulf

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  • Morocco and Tunisia Appeal Before the Court for Sports Arbitration

    by Laila El Shentenawi - 

    The Royal Moroccan Football Federation (“FRMF”) and the Tunisian Football Federation (“FTF”) have filed appeals before the Court for Sports Arbitration (“CAS”) in Lausanne, Switzerland.

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  • Regulatory updates in the DIFC

    by Margret Elder - 

    In this article we highlight some of the more recent changes to the DFSA Rules that will be of interest to those already present in the Dubai International Financial Centre (DIFC) or who are looking...

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  • Empowering Copyright Protection in Qatar

    by Ra'ed Al Hout - 

    The Qatari Minister of Economy and Commerce has issued a Decision Number 410 of 2014 relating to Copyright Official Fees, which was published in the Official Gazette of Qatar Number 19 of 30 December...

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  • Taking Security in Qatar: Pledge Over Securities Listed on the Qatar Exchange and Enforcement Issues

    by Dina Al Wahabi - 

    There are two types of securities that are listed on the Qatar Stock Exchange (“QE”): shares and bonds.

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  • Pay-when-Paid Clauses in the UAE: Is there a way around for a Subcontractor?

    by Kanishka Singh - 

    A ‘pay-when-paid’ clause is used by contractors to make payment to the subcontractor conditional upon payment of the corresponding sum from the employer.

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  • Recent Egyptian Legislative Amendments: Another Step in the Right Direction

    by Mohamed Khodeir  - 

    In a speech at the Sharm el-Sheikh Egypt Economic Development Conference (“EEDC”), Christine Lagarde, the Managing Director of the International Monetary Fund, said of Egypt

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  • The Court of Arbitration for Sport is launching in Abu Dhabi

    by Rihab Al Amin - 

    The Court of Arbitration for Sport (CAS) is the world’s leading sports law forum and was established on 30 June 1984.

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  • Egypt and the UAE: The opportunities that lie ahead

    by Essam Al Tamimi - 

    The recent Sharm el-Sheikh Conference has created great momentum for Egypt, which is being supported by the revival of political stability in the country and a new approach by the Egyptian...

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  • The Adoption of the Keeper and Custodian system in the Iraq Speculative Market

    by Samaa Al Lami - 

    Incorporation of the Iraq Speculative Market

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  • Beware in Cyberspace

    by Stephen Jiew - 

    The “www” in domain name addresses is meant to be an acronym for World Wide Web.

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  • Freeing your Wi-Fi

    by Andrew Fawcett - 

    As people become more and more attached to their smart phones and tablets, your customers have come to expect to have free wireless internet connectivity when they are visiting your business premises...

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  • Emiratisation: A Recap

    by Natalie Jones - 

    With an estimated 80% of residents in the United Arab Emirates (“UAE”) being made up of expatriates, the workforce is probably one of the most diverse in the world.

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  • Resolving Stalled Real Estate Projects in Bahrain

    by Sonia Harvey - 

    The government of Bahrain has taken steps to resolve real estate projects that have stalled by issuing Decree by Law No. 66 of 2014 ‘Concerning Adjustment of Non-performing Real Estate Development...

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  • Dubai Court Finds Seller Liable for Non-Registration of Off-Plan Unit Despite Developer’s Fault

    by Khaled Gamaleldeen  -  /

    It is well established that if the sale of an off-plan unit in Dubai is not registered with the interim registrar, the sale will be considered null and void by the court pursuant to Dubai Law 13 of...

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  • Dubai Issues Judgment in Support of International Arbitration

    by Hassan Arab & Dalal Al Houti -  /

    In a ruling from November 2014 which has recently come to light, the Dubai Court of Cassation confirmed the Court of Appeal’s decision and, inter alia, granted recognition of a foreign arbitral award...

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  • Part I: Importation of Medical Devices and Drugs into the UAE

    by Eliana Ugolini & Christina Sochacki -  /

    As the number of healthcare clinics and hospitals continues to grow in the UAE, companies, both local and foreign, seek to serve this expanding market through the importation of medical devices and...

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  • Copyright Licensor wins large award from Egyptian Court

    by Munir Suboh & Mariam Sabet -  /

    In a positive step for owners and exclusive licensor of media content and copyrights in Egypt, the Economic Court of First Instance in Cairo has issued one of the highest compensatory awards made in...

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