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  • A Comparison of the VAT Regimes in Saudi Arabia and the UAE

    by Shiraz Khan -  - Dubai, UAE

    As the United Arab Emirates (‘UAE’) and the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia (‘Saudi Arabia’) continue to lead the Gulf Cooperation Council (‘GCC’) in proposing the implementation of value added tax (‘VAT’),...

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  • Cyber Attacks will make you WannaCry

    by Haroun Khwaja -  - Riyadh, Saudi Arabia

    A ‘cyber attack’ is commonly defined as the use of malicious code to manipulate or disrupt a computer system. In the past, cyber attacks were mostly aimed at governments and the defence industry.

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  • Saudi Arabia’s Privatisation Plans for Sports Clubs

    by Steve Bainbridge / Ahmad Ayoub -  /  - Dubai, UAE

    Sports in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia (“KSA”) first and foremost means football. While sports clubs typically sustain and manage teams across a number of sports, as their mandate has historically...

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  • Vision 2030 and the Opportunities it Represents in Healthcare in Saudi Arabia

    by Julie Bassi -  - Jeddah, Saudi Arabia

    On 25 April 2016 Saudi Arabia unveiled an ambitious plan called Saudi Vision 2030 (“Vision 2030”) to transform its economy and diversify the country’s sources of income away from its current...

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  • Cyber Crimes Committed by Social Media Users in Saudi Arabia

    by Saeed Al Qahtani -  - Riyadh, Saudi Arabia

    Obtaining access to social media has never been easier than it is today. Who doesn’t have an account on Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat, Instagram or WhatsApp? I believe the answer would be “no one.”...

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  • Procedural Changes for Trademark Oppositions and Official Fees Increase in Saudi Arabia

    by Mohammed Ali -  - Dubai, UAE

    Following the Saudi Arabia Ministry of Commerce and Industry (Ministry) Decree approving the Implementing Regulations of the GCC Trademark Law, the Ministry has introduced a number of substantial...

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  • Saudi Arabia’s Vision 2030: Black Swans for Saudi Arabia’s Power Sector

    by Francis Patalong -  - Riyadh, Saudi Arabia

    During the global financial crisis it became fashionable to identify so-called “Black Swans” – events that apparently came from nowhere often with devastating effect, although in hindsight their...

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  • Vision 2030 and the Transformation of Education in Saudi Arabia

    by Francis Patalong -  - Riyadh, Saudi Arabia

    Saudi Arabia’s Vision 2030 (the “Vision”) and the National Transformation Program (“NTP”) which flows from it set out an ambitious road-map for education reform in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. The...

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  • Administrative Actions to Enforce Trademark Rights in Saudi Arabia

    by Mohammed Ali  - 

    This article discusses the merits of enforcement of trademark rights in Saudi Arabia through Administrative Actions.

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  • The New Court System in Saudi Arabia

    by Bandar Al Hamidani - 

    The Saudi Arabian court system is regulated by the Law of Judiciary promulgated by Royal Decree No. M/78 on 19/09/1428H corresponding to 1 October 2007.

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  • Construction Contractors & Engineers in Saudi Arabia: Protect Your Innovation

    by Ahmad Saleh & Daniel Goodwin -  /

    When a technology is a novel and inventive process, machine or composition (“invention”), contractors and engineering consultants in the construction industry in Saudi Arabia should ask.

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  • Finance Companies Law in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

    by Hesham Al Homoud - 

    It is almost two years since the introduction of the laws in relation to finance companies.

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  • Off-Plan in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

    by Daniel Goodwin - 

    Confidence builds

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    by Shernaz DeSa - 

    As of 25th September 2013 the Saudi Arabian Trademark Office adopted for the first time an online trademark system. This system is aimed at speeding up the trademark registration process and making...

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    by Grahame Nelson  - 

    How widespread are Competition Laws in the GCC Region?

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  • The New Saudi Finance Laws

    by Hesham Al Homoud - 

    On July 2012, the Saudi Council of Ministers issued 5 new laws in relation to the finance industry, with more focus to real estate financing, as well as the execution/enforcement mechanism.

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  • The long and winding road – Competition in the Telco market in Saudi Arabia

    by Dr.Nils Abrahamsson - 

    This article is intended to offer a discussion over the introduction of competition in the Saudi Arabian Telecom Market.

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  • Directors' Liabilities - Listed Saudi Companies

    by Izabella Szadkowska - 

    Listing a company in Saudi Arabia exposes directors to significant exposure arising out of numerous duties and potential liabilities.

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  • Special Economic Zones In The Kingdom Of Saudi Arabia

    by Fadi Daher - 

    The purpose of this article is to provide a general overview of the establishment of the Economic Cities (ECs) under the authority of the Saudi Arabian General Investment Authority (SAGIA) and...

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  • Resolution of Securities Disputes in KSA; A Brief Overview

    by Bandar Al Hamidani  - 

    The Committee for the Resolution of Securities Disputes (CRSD) and the Appeal Committee for the Resolution of Securities Conflicts (ACRSC) are quasi judicial committees in The Kingdome of Saudi...

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  • Banking Overview In Saudi Arabia

    by Hesham Al Homoud  - 

    The banking industry in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia (“KSA”) embodies one of the main commercial industries that still has a number of issues requiring clarity for the sector and the following will...

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    by Fadi Dahar - 

    There have been various developments recently in Saudi Arabia towards increasing the effectiveness of the Corporate Governance framework.

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    by Stephen Jiew - 

    The (.sa) domain is a coveted one as it is arguably the definitive identifier in cyberspace as the domain of choice for entities connected to Saudi Arabia, who would want to own a (.sa) domain name...

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