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Financial Crime

Fraud Risk Management • Internal Investigations • Tracing & Freezing Assets • Anti-Money Laundering • Extradition Requests • Global Economic Sanctions

Key Contacts


Our regional Financial Crime team is a practice leader in the provision of advisory and litigation services in complex financial crime and related matters, which often involve dealing with regulatory bodies, cross-border issues and multiple jurisdictions.

We represent and advise a wide range of clients, including financial institutions, government-owned entities, multi-national corporations and high profile individuals. In addition to direct instructions from clients, our Financial Crime team is often approached by international law firms, who recognise that we have the capability and experience to offer their clients the best local law advice and assistance in the region. We also work closely with a number of the top auditing and forensic accounting service providers to give our clients practical and legal solutions in the most time-and-cost-effective manner.

Our team consists of lawyers from various civil law and common law jurisdictions and includes both native Arabic and English speakers with international and regional expertise. We are therefore able to provide our clients with the comprehensive service that they need, from initial legal and strategic advice, to drafting in Arabic or English, to advocacy in the local courts.

Our Scope of Work

  • Acting for clients in all manner of financial crimes and related matters, including:

- Corporate fraud

- Forgery

- Breach of trust (embezzlement)

- Bribery

  • Local and international asset-tracing and freezing, with the assistance of local and international forensic auditing firms and foreign law firms in the concerned jurisdictions where necessary.
  • Advocacy and representation before Financial Intelligence Units, Police, Public Prosecution Criminal Courts and INTERPOL.
  • Assisting clients with internal investigations into potential violations of criminal law or regulations and providing legal and remedial advice.
  • Assisting local, regional and international corporate clients on compliance with anti-bribery & corruption laws regionally and on the regional application of the FCPA and UK Bribery Act.
  • Advising on matters of Extradition and Mutual Legal Assistance, including:

- Assisting 'requesting states', 'requested states' and private clients

- Liaising with interested parties in respect of human rights issues

  • Advising on global economic sanctions and their impact on corporations in the region.
  • Assisting clients with regard to the requirements under the Kimberley Process.
  • Advising clients on anti-money laundering compliance issues, taking account of requirements originating from financial services authorities and other regulatory bodies.

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