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Corporate Governance

Conflicts of Interest • Directors Duties • Disclosure & Transparency • Membership & Composition • Shareholder Rights

Key Contacts

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We are one of the few law firms in the region with a dedicated Corporate Governance Practice. In the aftermath of the global financial crisis our clients recognised the need to embrace Corporate Governance as an essential component in guiding management strategy and make it a key element of their daily business operations. This is particularly true in the current UAE business environment where the Government has taken steps to increase and improve the regulatory framework for corporate governance over recent years.

Our lawyers have in-depth knowledge of international corporate governance protocol combined with the knowledge of the local aspects applicable to firms operating in the region. We maintain constant communication with regulators within the region, ensuring we remain on top of corporate governance  requirements.

We advise banks, family businesses and public and private companies on their corporate governance practices.  Providing more than just advice, our clients receive a tailored manual specific to their needs in light of new regulations and policies.

Our Expertise

Our expertise within Corporate Governance includes but is not limited to advising in relation to:

  • Board of Directors: requirements in relation to membership and composition, meetings, chairman, director duties, committees, remuneration, conflicts of interest.
  • Controls: internal controls, audit, and external control measures and committee functions.
  • Management and delegation of duties.
  • Shareholder rights.
  • Disclosure and Transparency requirements.
  • Underlying administrative requirements.

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