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In the Middle East, as elsewhere, traditional telecommunications companies continue to face challenges from non-traditional players.

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Technological developments, such as IP messaging services and ubiquitous smart phones, and a growing appetite for mobile content, are examples of how the telecommunications industry is facing change around the world. In the context of the relatively 'closed' telecoms markets of the Middle East, it remains to be seen how these challenges will be addressed.

Our TMT team services a variety of clients in the telecommunications sector, including telecommunications service providers, ISPs, network and infrastructure providers, equipment manufacturers, and clients with specialist interests in areas such as satellite services, telematics and data centres.

While occasionally advising incumbent operators, the team often advises clients with technologies that challenge traditional telecommunications services. Such clients need assistance to navigate the local regulatory regimes, and the relationships that the team has developed with the various telecommunications regulators in the region enable it to service such clients effectively. Additionally, the team regularly advises general corporate clients with everyday concerns that touch on the likes of telecommunications regulatory issues and telecommunications related commercial contracting.