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At Al Tamimi we look at ‘Technology’ in three different ways. Firstly, there are technology vendors looking to sell or license their hardware, software or services to customers in the Middle East. Secondly, there are users and purchasers of technology, who come from a broad range of industries including manufacturing, education, health, property management, financial services and telecommunications. Finally, we support our colleagues in the corporate, IP and banking groups in connection with transactions and advice which they handle on behalf of technology companies.

Key Contacts

The ICT industry sector rebounded quickly after the 2008 global financial crisis.  The Middle East represents a rich source of potential purchasers of technology which international vendors including from India, US and Europe are keen to access.  The UAE also provides an important hub for technology vendors from which they may service these customers.  With our presence in Dubai Internet City, as well as team members in Dubai International Financial Centre, Abu Dhabi, Riyadh, Doha and Kuwait, we can provide local, accessible and high quality legal services to the broad range of technology related clients and matters.

As a local firm we do a considerable amount of work for technology purchasers including health care facilities, banks and other financial service providers and property developers and managers.  That said we act for a range of significant international technology providers, including in the important markets of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and Qatar.  In the Middle East, there remains a significant scope for the growth in business process and IT outsourcing which is a key focus for our Technology Practice.