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Financial Institutions

The global financial crisis has created a new landscape with increasing challenges for Financial Institutions. We have seen the regulators take huge steps to improve regulation and we are now witnessing banks adopt conservative lending practices in both how they lend and who they lend to. A maturing market is evident by the increased regulatory involvement and the enforcement by lenders, which was virtually non-existent in the past. After a period of inward reflection, lenders are again looking for strategic transactions and clients through sourcing who they wish to lend to as part of their forward strategy.

Key Contacts

At Al Tamimi & Company we can guide our clients through these challenging and changing times as one of the few full service law firms in the region with departments offering lawyers with in-depth local regulatory advice through to advisors on projects and investment funds.

Throughout the GCC region and globally, our clients within this sector include Banks (both conventional and Islamic), Investment Banks, Accounting Firms, Private Equity Firms, Investment Funds and Regulators and we advise these clients on the full range of financial legal services (in addition to associated services such as M&A, Employment, Litigation, IP, Real Estate).  Our commercial in-depth industry knowledge ensures we provide our clients with the insight, solutions and confidence to move forward in this fast paced and turbulent environment.  Feedback from clients indicates that now more than ever, there is strong demand for the sophisticated services that we provide in tandem with extensive local knowledge – a combination we believe few competitors can match.