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Construction & Infrastructure

Construction and infrastructure projects are regaining momentum across the GCC. The doom and gloom of the economic crisis a few years back has given way to renewed optimism for investment in GCC countries and an urgent need for infrastructure improvement in Arab Spring countries.

Key Contacts

  • Scott Lambert, Regional Head of Construction & Infrastructure view profile

Our Construction and Infrastructure team offers expert advice across industry sectors where our clients need assistance in turning project concepts into reality, entering into sound commercial agreements and managing contractual issues once projects are underway.

Our experience spans project concept stage through to completion.  Our team has considerable regional  and international  experience  in assisting   clients   establish   a framework that will give the best chance of success.  We advise on project structures and procurement methods, draft all types of project related documentation and assist clients in navigating contractual issues and negotiating contracts to best protect their interests.

The  depth  of  our  knowledge  and  expertise  in  construction,  infrastructure  and  energy projects, includes specific experience in:

  • industry sectors and projects  such  as  airports,  commercial  development,  district  cooling,  gas  utilities, mining, oil & gas upstream, power, rail, reclamation, residential and retail development, schools, sport facilities, water and wastewater
  • all  FIDIC forms of contract that are so popular across the region
  • many bespoke EPC and O&M contract forms
  • concession and BOT/BOOT structures, whether energy related or management/leasing arrangements
  • PPP projects under regional and international frameworks
  • joint operating and production sharing agreements for oil and gas projects
  • joint venture structures and development agreements
  • pain/gain contract  structures, including guaranteed  maximum price and two stage tendering
  • construction management and package contracting arrangements
  • consultancy and services contracts, whether design based, project management or call-off contracts
  • due diligence of project documents relating to entity acquisition and asset restructuring