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19 Dec 2012


The event was attended by members of the business community and presentations included the topics of
“Structuring trade finance”, presented by Dhiraj Kunwar, Regional Head, SME Business, ADCB (Dubai & Sharjah), and “The relationship between your business and insurance”,presented by Clint Draper, Head of Small Business, Zurich Insurance Middle East. Waldo Steyn, Senior Associate in the Intellectual Property Department, was invited to present on the protection of intellectual property rights in the UAE. Waldo’s presentation
included a broad overview of different intellectual property rights such as trade marks, copyright, patens, designs and know-how, and the protection of these rights in the UAE. During the questions and answers session it, became clear that of particular interest to the audience was considerations related to the ownership of intellectual property where consultants are used to assist in the creation of for example technical drawings
and where disclosures are required in the search for appropriate business partners and financing. The importance of an appropriate contractual framework where disclosure of potentially new intellectual property is required was discussed, along with the need to ensure that intellectual property specialists are consulted at an early stage in the development of new intellectual property in order to advise on ownership, disclosure
and protection of rights.