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In his capacity as Vice President and Prime Minister of the UAE and the Ruker of Dubai, his Highness Sheikh Mohammad Bin Rashid Al Maktoum issued ‘Decree No. 26 of 2013 concerning rent disputes settlement center in the Emirate of Dubai’. Under this Decree, the Rent Disputes Settlement Center (the ‘Center’) was established to find a judicial system that specializes in hearing rental disputes and developing the procedures of adjudicating these kinds of disputes through a quick and simple system in order to achieve social and economic stability for all those concerned with property leasing and related sectors. This in turn would support the sustainable development of the Emirate of Dubai.

Based at the Land Department, the Center is structured into two sectors: a judicial sector and an administrative sector. The administrative sector consists of a number of structural unites mandated to provide technical and administrative support for the judicial sector which, in turn, consists of the following organizational departments:

1. Reconciliation Department

This department's role is to try to settle rental disputes amicably within a maximum period of 15 days before the department. This period may be extended for another 15 days by a decision from the supervising judge. If reconciliation is achieved between rental disputes parties, it will be documented by a reconciliation agreement signed by the parties and approved by the judge supervising the department.

2. Department of First Instance

This department consists of a number of committees, each consisting of a Chairman and two members with experience in legal and real estate fields.

3. Department of Appeal

  1. This department also consists of a number of committees, each with a Chairman (who is also a judge) and two members with experience in real estate. These committees are concerned with deciding on the appeals submitted against decisions and judgments issued by the Department of First Instance. The judgments of the Department of Appeal are final and unchallengeable by any means, and shall be executed according to the procedures and rules adopted by the Rent Disputes Settlement Center.

  2. Article 18- The time to appeal judgments by the Department of First Instance is 15 days from the day after the judgment was issued. If the convicted party was not present at all the session and does not provide a defense briefing, the time to appeal will commence on the date of serving the judgment.

  3. For the appeal against the Department of First Instance judgment to be accepted, the convicted party must deposit half the amount judged at the Center until the appeal is decided. However, the head of the Center may choose to accept the appeal without the deposit or after collecting a percentage of the amount.

4. Judgments Execution Department

This department is responsible for enforcing the decisions and judgments issued by the Center. However, the Head of the Center may also use the Execution Department of the Dubai Courts to enforce the judgments (Article 21).


Rent Commitee Members:

Ahmed Allouz;   

Mohammed Al Muhtaseb;  

Fatma Moosa;  

Ahmed Abdelkhalek;  

Hiam Al Muhtadi;  

Hussain Al Matrood;  

Misab Manattil;  

Decree for the New Settlement Center

The Center shall exclusively carry out the following competences:

  • Settlement of all rental disputes arising between property landlords and tenants in the Emirate or inside the free zones including counterclaims arising from such disputes and the requests to take temporary or summary procedures submitted by any party to the lease contract,

  • Deciding on the appeals filed against the decisions and judgments that may be appealed in accordance with the provisions of this Decree, and the regulations and resolutions issued there under.

  • Enforcement of decisions and judgments issued by the Center on the rental disputes falling within its authority.

The center shall not hear the following rental disputes:

  • Rental disputes arising inside the free zones that have special judicial committees or courts competent to settle rental disputes arising within their boundaries.

  • Rental disputes arising from finance lease contracts.

  • Disputes arising from long term lease contracts in which are subject to the provisions of law No. (7) of 2006 referred to hereinabove.