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Interview with Ashraf Khadir

Q: What is the most important piece of information clients need to know?

A: “All fees of action are subject to AED 10 to submit the Power of Attorney and AED 10 as a service charge for the courts. Any fees that are less than AED 50 are exempt from the AED 10 court service charge.”


Q: Are there any circumstances where these fees can be refunded?

A:“No. Even if the case is rejected, these fees are not refunded.”


Q: How are all these fees paid?

A: “All court fees can be paid by cash, credit card or cheque. Cassation court fees can only be paid in cash.”


Q: Can the fees be paid online?

A: “Yes. As of a few months ago the courts switched to the electronic system of paying fees. All fees can now be paid electronically, with the exemption of a few procedures (such as cassation) which have yet to be electronically payable.”


Q: How are the cases usually filed?

A:“Law firms can file a statement of claim and all relevant documents are submitted to the courts. The courts review these documents and if the procedure requirements have all been met, fees become payable. Once the fees have been paid, a case number is issued and a hearing is scheduled.”

Civil - Commercial - Real Estate Actions
Financial claims arising from a single legal reason
1st AED 200,000 * 7.5% + 3rd AED 100,000 *6% + leftover amount * 5% (Max. AED 30,000)
Appointing an arbitrator
AED 100
Appointing an expert
AED 750
Enforcement of arbitration award
7.5% of total judgment amount (Max. AED 30,000)
Temporary and Summary Claims
Precautionary Attachment
1st AED 200,000 * 3.75% + 3rd AED 100,000 * 3% +  2.5% * further  actions (Max. AED 15,000)
Summary Claims
AED 500
Order on petition (no travel) in actions other than personal status actions
AED 300
Grievance against payment order
Half the fees of payment order
Grievance against an order of precautionary attachment
AED 50
Grievance against no travel ban
AED 150
Labor Actions
Labor action brought on by an employee
Actions brought on by an employer (except loans)
5% from the claim amount (Max. AED 30,000)
Appeal submitted by an employee
Appeal submitted by an employer
Court of Appeal (Civil, Commercial, Real Estate, Labor and Summary Claims)
Appeal of financial actions for cases with a single legal reason
1st AED 200,000 * 1.5% + 3rd AED 100,000 * 1.2% + leftover amount * 1% (Max. AED 6,000)
Appeal against grievance of precautionary attachment
AED 10
Appeal against grievance of a no travel order
AED 30
Appeal of an objection
1st objection is free +  AED 60 for further objections + AED 200 for suspending the execution
Court of Cassation
Non-labor cassation appeal
Cassation fee of AED 500 + security fee of AED 1,000 + AED 200 if there is a request for suspending the execution
Labor cassation filed by an employee

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